Report for Nov 2020

Report Date
November 2020



Programme Commentary

Overall the programme is AMBER

The BI Tools programme is AMBER ,  budget for 20/21 has been agreed with People & Money



Status and Forward Look at end of Oct 2020 ( BI Tools within wider BI/MI Programme)

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Resource Summary to end of Oct  2020

BI Tools actual spend to end of August 2020



Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary



DTI034 - Qlik Implementation





Qlik Sense deploy to LIVE - 15-April - DONE

Qlikview CAHSS user and data migration - 22-April - DONE

Closure:         Oct 2020


Report by Jamie Thin for Aug 2020

Achievements this period

Qlik Sense pilot with GASP completed


Next Steps

Complete remaining project deliverables and handover to BAU teams

Close project



Qlikview - licence lease and QMC access issues when users run the services from their work laptops when working remotely

CAHSS users can not sign off the new Qlik view deployment until they can successfully connect remotely when working from home




DTI 047 - BI Embed and Optimise






End of Planning:         

28-Aug 2020 (Done)



Report by Jamie Thin for Aug 2020

Achievements this period


  • Revised brief approved and End of Planning completed ,   the project will extend into 20/21
  • Agreed new minimum project brief to support launch of new HR Strategic reporting service in Dec 2020. 



  • Additional business requirements need to be collected for  support of both Qliksense and Power BI
  • Need to understand how the security model will be managed for the Finance datamart - it is expected that the BI team may need to deliver multiple different datamarts for different user groups

Next Steps

  • Dependency - Fine tune existing manual  approach for EDW access and authorisation through a small pilot with GASP ( via DTI034) 
  • Complete work to launch Service wrapper for the new EDW Datamarts 
  • Launch full EDW service wrapper to provision service requests from BI Developers and MI Analysts from across the Schools, Colleges , Support Groups and other business units Close project 

RAG Commentary - AMBER ISSUE

Issue - waiting for Budget for 20/21 to be agreed. Budget is transferring from ISG to People & Money (USG)


Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
RAG Commentary
AMBER - DTI034 closure delayed by open issues - Qlikview on new VPN issues escalated to ITI