Report for April 2018

Report Date
April 2018

Report compiled by  Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex Carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • Business Reporting and Analytics Service Enhancements project in progress.
  • Procurement of Qlikview / Qliksense licences in progress.

Top Three issues

  • A change of programme manager occurred at the end of April. The new Programme manager is in the process of getting to up to speed with the programme, and divesting his existing workload. As a first step, a review of the programme vision, blueprint, project deliverables and budget is underway. This has inevitably caused some disruption within the programme.
  • Ensure that the Qlikview Consolidation reaches a satisfactory conclusion. We must ensure that the project is compliant from both an IS and procurement perspective. A new PM has been appointed to take the project through to completion.
  • The scope and nature of projects “DTI031 - Developing the BI Community” and DTI036 “Reporting Data Models” are unclear and are currently on hold. There have been a number of recent discussions and the results of these need to be reviewed before we go forward.

Key Next Steps

  • Conduct Programme review and ensure all elements are within governance and compliant.
  • Complete negotiation of Qlik licences and reach award.
  • Commence planning for Qlik implementation
  • Agree scope and nature of community and reporting projects.

Overall, given the uncertainties, the programme is rated at AMBER. I expect a more informed picture to emerge over the next month.

Status and Forward Look

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Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
Qlikview Implementation  Planned Start May-18  
Enterprise Reporting Data Model  Planned to start March-18  
Operational Reporting Requirements Analysis Planned to start Aug-18  

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

HSS019- Power BI Gateway Service






19-Sep-2017    Project Initation

06-Oct-2017    Planning Complete

01-Dec-2017    Business Analysis

08-Dec-2017    System Analysis

15-Dec-2017    Build Complete

11-Jan-2018    Integration Testing Complete

22-Jan-2018    Acceptance Complete

29-Jan-2018    Deploy To Live    

06-Apr-2018 Data Source Configuration

20-Apr-2018    Project Closure       



Report by Geoff Cropley for April  2018

Achievements this period

A change request has been raised to add an additional milestone and to extend the project closure milestone.

Additional Milestone: During project execution it became clear that there was additional complexity in the development and use of dashbaords with Power BI Gateway.  This is in part with the use of new technology where in-house skills are developing.  In addition, the business analysis did not identify completely how the existing tactical service was configured.  The tactical gateway had been configured in a way that is not designed for.  The impact of the new requirements represent a scope change and the need to create a new milestone to accommodate the additional work required to complete the project.  The milestone includes resolving database configuration issues and additional server and client implementations required to support access to data connections, the gateway and user credentials.

Closure Extension: With the addition of the above milestone and the result of industrial action it is necessary to extend the project closure milestone.  The impact of the industrial action was the unavailability of key personnel. 

The scope has increased to include additional client and server database components, Additional firewall rules changes and database credential additions.



 Data Source Configuration                               

From 13-Feb-2018                                   To 20-April-2018

Project Closure


The resource we need has been participating in industrial action and has now been secured. There is still  the risk of future industrial action delaying the project.




Next Steps

Complete security and access tasks and close project.



DTI031 - Develop the BI Community






02-Feb-2018 Exit Planning

14-Jul-2018         Project Delivery

28-Jul-2018         Project Closure   



Report by Chris Lawford for April  2018

No change to status

It is proposed to review this project in its current form. The community engagement will be picked up as part of the overall programme benefits realisation effort. Specific tasks will be included in proposed BI accessibility and usability projects which are currently being defined.

Achievements this period

  • There continues to be a high level of engagement with the BI community


  • The project has not moved to exit planning because it is not clear how we it can be constructed in a way that conforms to the Project Service project approach.

Next Steps

  • Review the overall approach to the project

The project is reporting a status of AMBER


DTI032 - Business Reporting and Analytics Service Enhancements




16-Mar-2018 End of Planning 

    23-Mar-2018 Service Enhancement Review

  21-Apr-2018 Target Operating Model

  27-Apr-2018 Small Change Process

     18-May-2018 Security Policy Review

  31-May-2018 End User Training Review

  15-Jun-2018 Project Closure   



Report by Geoff Cropley for April 2018

Achievements this period

Service Review, Target Operating and Security streams have completed. 



Next Steps

Continue delivery to agreed milestones.

DTI033 - Qlikview Consolidation




26-Jan-2018        Exit Planning

09-Feb-2018       Issue Requirements to the Vendor

09-Mar-2018      Issue Purchase Order

16-Mar-2018      Project Completion

30-Mar-2018      Project Closure




Report by Chris Lawford for April 2018

Achievements in last period

  • Quotation received from Qlikview.


  • Project Manager has left UofE. On-boarding of replacement in progress.
  • Lack of a business case.
  • Lack of a signed-off procurement strategy.

Next Steps

  • On-boarding of replacement PM.
  • Review of project deliverables, dates, budget, governance and compliance.
  • Complete procurement
  • Close the project

The project will report until report AMBER until the status of the project is better understood, and project returns to governance.





Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects



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