Our vision is to "Deliver the strategic data that enables evidence-based decision making across the University"

A study commissioned externally identified many challenges facing the BI/MI community across the University.  These were recognised in the BI/MI Strategy in 2014.  The BI/MI programme has addressed many of the “soft” issues identified in this report, such as the lack of a coherent BI/MI community.  This proposal will address the more technical issues.

The study identified the following issues that are relevant to the current proposal:

  • Data inconsistencies due to multiple silos of information.
  • Existing reporting solutions do not integrate data from multiple areas
  • Central systems are perceived as not fit for internal stakeholder purposes
  • Inconsistent or unclear data definitions

All of these will be resolved by the creation and population of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) facility and service. The EDW will provide the data and information needed by decision makers across the University, giving a consistent view of data across multiple sources, adhering to consistent data definitions.   This is in line with the University’s BI/MI Strategy, our reference architecture and the growing requirement for evidence-based planning and decision making.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse service will:

  • provide a platform to store University data translated into University terminology for management information and business intelligence purposes
  • manage a service for the extraction and translation of data from source systems ensuring that data is consistent with the source system
  • provide high quality, performant, access to the data in the EDW for consumption by BI tools
  • curate data definitions and purpose for each of the EDW elements
  • advise and respond to changes required to support strategic decision making and University reporting needs
  • reduce the coupling with source systems and BI tools, thus simplifying the migration from one vendor to another

See attachments for key programme artefacts.  



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