Report for December 2017

Report Date
December 2017

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • EDW 17/18 budget approved (377k) compared to requested 403k.  
  • ETL budget approved (102k), and ITT issued.    
  • EDW DEV environment build in progress.
  • Org/hierarchy development complete.
  • Communication strategy & plan, governance strategy & plan in progress.
  • Third version of BI/MI Analysis delivered and under review.       

Top 3 issues

  • Delays in EDW build process.
  • Quality and content of BI/MI Analysis tool-kit.  
  • Limit the knock-on effects of delays in ETL procurement.   

Key Next Steps

  • Closely monitor DEV build progress.
  • Approval & sign-off of revised BI/MI Analysis Toolkit.

The programme continues to report AMBER - due to the shortfall on requested 17/18 budget. - due to the underlying project statuses.

Status and Forward Look

Resource Summary

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Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI005 ETL Tool Implementation  

 Planned to start Apr-18  
DTI021 EDW Embed & Optimise    

 Planned to start Apr-18


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI004 - ETL Tool Procurement






15-Dec-2017  ITT Issued

28-Mar-2018 Project Delivery

13-Apr-2018 Project Close    



Report by Nick Graham for December 2017 

Achievements in Last Period

  • Business case for expenditure approved by CIO.
  • Procurement strategy finalised, reviewed and agreed.
  • ITT finalised, reviewed agreed and published.  
  • Completion of project re-estimated, rescheduled and approved:  variation to budget (21 days) and governance milestones.


  • None.    

Next Steps

  • Bidder conference (optional). 
  • Receipt of tenders. 
  • Evaluation and selection.  


The project is reporting GREEN.



DTI006 - EDW Implementation 





15-FEB-18    Org Hierarchy ASOR

9-MAR-18   Infrastructure Build Complete



02-APR-18    Project Close



Report by Chris Lawford for December 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • DEV build still in progress. Was planned to finish 22/12, but there are still a number of complexities to be addressed. Progress is being made, but much slower than anticipated. It continues to be difficult to estimate a DEV build completion date, as much of the work relates to new architecture and configuration. We are closely monitoring progress against a triaged and prioritised list of tasks. The EDW build is at the technical leading edge, and the experience gained will prove useful for other non-DTI work.  
  • BI/MI service organization tasks underway.   
  • Org / Hierarchy build complete. Session held with Talend technical pre-sales consultant to review design.  End-to-end demonstration held.
  • Technical guidelines documentation in progress.


  • Slow progress on DEV infrastructure build (see above).

Next Steps

  • Complete DEV build.
  • Commence TEST build.
  • Continue BI/MI service organisation analysis.

The project is currently reporting AMBER, until either a) the DEV build is complete, or b) the project delivery dates are adjusted.


DTI019 - BI/MI Analysis Toolkit 





BI/MI Analysis Toolkit created and reviewed


Redrafting of toolkit as UoE toolkit (new)


Delivery of BI/MI Analysis Toolkit into overarching BI/MI Projects toolkit


Delivery Review





Report by Sue Woodger for December 2017


  • Version 3 of BI/MI toolkit received 8 December but comments made
  • Version 4 of toolkit received 22 December


  •   We were awaiting a third revised toolkit from the consultants and this arrived on 8 December as expected. However, while all reviewers felt that this was a vast improvement on the 2nd draft we still didn’t have the confidence that a business analyst could pick this document up and carry out analysis in the BI/MI field. We therefore fed our comments back to consultants (Link to Feedback document ) and a new version (004) was sent to us on 22 December.
  • However most people were on Christmas leave then so was picked up week beginning 8 January.  The changes we requested have mostly been made but the document still doesn’t flow properly or explain the main techniques properly. The decision has been made between programme manager and project manager to accept this as the final version and the project manager will create a new version of the toolkit with input from other project managers and business analysts. This is to be agreed with the project sponsor on Friday 12 January.

Next Steps

  • Revise milestones and closure date through WIS
  • Create UoE version of toolkit, review and sign it off

Project is GREEN again as we have agreed a plan going forward


DTI022 - EDW Business Engagement  





15-SEP-17              Planning Complete

24-JAN-18             Project Delivery

31-JAN-18             Project Close



Report by Geoff  Cropley for December 2017

Achievements in Last Period

A change request was raised in December to reflect a timing challenge which meant that  - Migration Strategy paper would take longer than planned.  Expected delivery date is now 24th January 2018.  In addition, The deliverable Requirements Gathering Process within the Business Engagement Planning millstone is delayed and is now expected to complete on 18th January.

There were no impacts to budget or resources as there is sufficient remaining funding to accommodate the change.

These two project deliverables are progressing and are on track.

The communications strategy and plan is up and running with a lunchtime seminar scheduled for the end of January 2018. Governance, strategy and plans have been produced and formal acceptance is planned during January 2018. 


None to report

Next Steps

Sign off deliverables for Communications, Governance and Business Engagement.

Prepare Migration Strategy Options paper and complete the Requirements Gathering process and documentation.

Handover deliverables.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 



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