Report for September 2018

Report Date
September 2018

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • EDW Embed & Optimise project in execution phase.
  • Talend Implementation, PM appointed and project in planning phase. Infrastructure architecture options under review.
  • EDW budget confirmed for 18/19.

Top Issues

  • EDW sustainability funding requires clarification.  

Key Next Steps

  • Complete project planning phase for Embed & Optimise.
  • Complete planning phase for Talend Implementation.

Overall the programme is reporting GREEN.

Status and Forward Look

Resource Summary

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI005 - ETL Tool Implementation 



02-APR-18           Project Start

12-Oct-18           End of Planning

21-Dec-18           Project Delivery

18-Jan-18            Project Closure   



Report by Jay Heer for Sept 2018 

Achievements in Last Period

  • Kick-off meeting held 18/09
  • Planning Session held with external supplier 20/09
  • 1st draft of architectural options paper drafted

Next Steps

  • Move through the planning phase of the project 
  • Secure project resource
  • Complete internal planning.
  • Set up project board and arrange first ETL Project Board meeting






DTI021 - EDW Embed & Optimise 




RAG: Green

Report by Lee-Ann Simpson for September 2018



  • Initial investigation into TDE undertaken to review route forward;
  • Access Layer Design completed and out for review




  • Keystore required in order to complete the Data Encryption at Rest.  As this has not been created before within the UoE, this will require additional investigation time.
  • Various minor milestones to be reviewed and moved;
  • Other key projects have impacted the team’s availability to prioritise the actions within DTI021.


Next Steps 


  • Various minor milestones to be reviewed and moved;
  • A/L within the team in October will impact the technical work undertaken.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

DTI004 ETL Procurement has now been closed. 

DTI006 EDW Implementation has now been closed. 

DTI019 BI/MI Analysis toolkit has now been closed. 

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 

DTI022 Business Engagement has now been closed.