Report for December 2018

Report Date
December 2018

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • EDW Embed & Optimise project in progress.
  • Talend Implementation project in progress.
  • Programme re-planning exercise completed, milestones updated across the programme and additional funding secured to reach completion. The Enterprise ready milestone has been re-set as 08-Mar-2019.  

Top Issues

  • Potential for resource contention on key Dev Tech resource: situation to be monitored.
  • Programme Manager is leaving UofE on 31/01. Replacement needed for Feb/Mar.
  • Embed & Optimise Project Manager being re-assigned from 28/01. Replacement required.
  • Talend Implementation Project Manager leaves UofE on 31/01. Replacement required.     

Key Next Steps

  • Monitor progress on inflight projects.
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate cover for programme / project manager changes.  
  • Prepare for programme closure.

Overall the programme is reporting GREEN.

Status and Forward Look

(see programme financials)


Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI005 - ETL Tool Implementation 



11-Jan-2019        Design Sign-off  08-Feb-2019       Infrastructure Build Complete 01-Mar-2019      Acceptance Sign-off (ASOR) 08-Mar-2019      Project Delivery 22-Mar-2019      Project Closure



Report by Chris Lawford for Dec 2018  


Achievements in Last Period

  • Detailed technical architecture design in progress.
  • Training planning in progress.
  • SOW agreed for design / build and PO issued.
  • Additional budget and milestone changes approved through governance.   

Top Issues

  • Potential for resource contention on key Dev Tech resource: situation to be monitored.
  • Project manager leaves UofE 31/1/19. Replacement needed for Feb/Mar. 

Key Next Steps

  • Complete Technical architecture design.
  • Commence commissioning and/or build of infrastructure.
  • Agree and initiate Training plan.

Overall, the project is reporting GREEN.








DTI021 - EDW Embed & Optimise 




Stage Milestone Due Date Previous Date Complete  
Plan Planning (Major) 17-Aug-2018 No date available Yes


Execute Tech Guidelines for Data Acquisition Projects 31-Aug-2018 No date available Yes


Execute Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) 18-Jan-2019 07-Sep-2018 No


Execute Operational Handover 01-Feb-2019 28-Sep-2018 No


Execute Security - TDE 22-Feb-2019 05-Oct-2018 No


Execute Complete Technical Set-Up 01-Mar-2019 02-Nov-2018 No


Execute Org hierarchy active/inactive logic 01-Mar-2019 16-Oct-2018 No


Execute Archiving Strategy 08-Mar-2019 28-Sep-2018 No


Execute Access Layer Design 15-Mar-2019 31-Aug-2018 No


Deliver Delivery Review (Major) 22-Mar-2019 09-Nov-2018 No


Close Project Closure (Major) 29-Mar-2019 16-Nov-2018 No


RAG: GREEN: Showing as a green project due to the milestones and budget being re-planned and approved via WIS in December.

Report by Lee-Ann Simpson for Dec 2018



  • Milestones reviewed and amended - Project is now schedule to complete in March;
  • Additional Budget requested and approved via WIS prior to the Christmas break;
  • PIA in progress with the first draft completed for review by the beginning of December - Decision made as to what format to use (EDW rather than data set);
  • Agreement on how to progress with the EDW TDE implementation - in DEV only;




  • Resourcing issues within Dev Tech which meant we agreed to share resource with the INF programme due to the priority of that particular programme - This continued to be a challenge which meant the project had to be re-planned with the end date pushed back by 4 months;
  • Project Manager time required to be conflicted due to additional time required on a Priority One project;
  • Project and Programme Manager confirmed to be leaving in January - project handover required.


Next Steps

  • Project handover to be completed;
  • PIA to be completed in January with the remainder of the milestones scheduled for February and March;
  • Formal agreement to be obtained that CISO are in agreement of the EDW TDE implementation prior to work being completed in March.
  • Wiki DEV to be re-created to remove the EDW TDE - to be wompleted by DEV TECH.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

DTI004 ETL Procurement has now been closed. 

DTI006 EDW Implementation has now been closed. 

DTI019 BI/MI Analysis toolkit has now been closed. 

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 

DTI022 Business Engagement has now been closed. 



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