Report for February 2019

Report Date
February 2019

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • EDW Embed & Optimise project in progress, handed over to replacement project manager.
  • Talend Implementation project in progress, handed over to replacement project manager
  • Talend environments built.
  • Talend Training started.  

Top Issues

  • Some delays in Embed & Optimise project, re-planning exercise in progress.
  • Additional budget required to complete Talend Implementation.

Key Next Steps

  • Monitor progress on inflight projects, prepare for project closures and support project managers.
  • Prepare for programme closure.
  • Secure budget needed to complete the programme (this has now been done, hence the green RAG status).

Overall the programme is reporting GREEN.

Status and Forward Look

(see programme financials)

Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI005 - ETL Tool Implementation 



01-Mar-2019      Acceptance Sign-off (ASOR)

08-Mar-2019      Project Delivery

22-Mar-2019      Project Closure



Report by Andy Stewart  for Feb 2019 

Achievements in Last Period

  • Live environment built
  • Org Hierarchary successfully migrated to the enterprise cloud infrastructure on Dev and scheduled to run on a daily basis
  • User training continues with 
    • on-going ODT training being completed
    • facilitated training for Data Integration Advanced
    • facilitated training for Cloud Administration 
  • Ongoing investigations with build issues to resolve namely;
    • database authentication 
    • debugging 

Top Issues

  • Potential for resource contention on key Dev Tech resource: situation to be monitored
  • Loss of BI reports from Test environment has delayed the migration of Org Hierarchy into Test for user testing 
  • Project budget is currently projecting a 20% overspend to complete remaining activities 
  • Acceptance Sign-Off delayed due to build issues Org Hierarchy related issues 

Key Next Steps

  • Resolve remaining build issues associated with 
    • database authentication 
    • debugging
  • Determine process for single version of code to enable deployments to Dev, Test and Live environments 
  • Continue with ODT training.
  • Migration of Org/Hierarchy to enterprise cloud infrastructure on both Test and Live environments 
  • Determine handover and post project support requirements 
  • Complete Acceptance Sign-Off


Overall, the project is reporting AMBER due to budget concerns.


DTI021 - EDW Embed & Optimise 




Stage Milestone
Archiving Strategy 15-Mar-2019
Complete Technical Set-Up 15-Mar-2019
Access Layer Design 15-Mar-2019
Org hierarchy active/inactive logic 15-Mar-2019
Operational Handover 19-Mar-2019
Delivery Review (Major) 25-Mar-2019
Security - TDE 25-Mar-2019
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) 26-Mar-2019
Project Closure (Major) 29-Mar-2019


Report by Anne Mathison for February 2019


  • Project handover completed to new PM - Anne Mathison, who has 1.0 days a week until end of March

    • Replanned 1.25 days a week in March.
  • Although PIA completed and shared with the Universities DPA Champion for review it has not been signed off and there is zero budget left for this.
    • Service management have agreed to write up the situation
  • Operational Handover is underway
  • Security patching in Live was completed to bring it in line with the current patching in Dev and Test
  • Revised Archiving Strategy been updated
  • Some technical documentation has been updated


  • Programme Manager now works 2 days per week (offsite) which may impact upon the DTI021 project.

Next Steps

  • Milestones and budget revised
  • Progression of the EDW TDE within the EDW DEV environment.
  • Operational Handover to be completed with the Production (Apps Man) team.
  • Security patches to be completed in Dev, Test and Live
  • Complete Technical set up
  • Privacy Impact Assessment written up
  • Org Hierarchy active/inactive logic complete
  • Archiving strategy complete
  • Access Layer Design complete
  • Technical documentation complete


The project is reporting AMBER.  Revised Budget and milestones have been revised; however, due to the lack of contingency - it will remain at amber


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

DTI004 ETL Procurement has now been closed. 

DTI006 EDW Implementation has now been closed. 

DTI019 BI/MI Analysis toolkit has now been closed. 

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 

DTI022 Business Engagement has now been closed. 



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