Report for August 2017

Report Date
August 2017

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

DTI004 - ETL Tool Procurement 

- Market Research phase completed.  

- We are in the process of  agreeing the procurement strategy. This will shape the remainder of the project.

Once the strategy is decided the remainder of the project can be accurately assessed for scope and planning.    

DTI006 - EDW Implementation.

- Security policy draft completed and under review.   

- Technical architecture design in progress.

- Org/Hierarchy subject area design in progress. 

DTI019 - MI/BI Analysis Toolkit

- Analysis work underway. 

DTI022 - EDW Business Engagement 

- PM assigned 30/08.

- Project planning underway.   

Status and Forward Look


Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI005 ETL Tool Implementation  

 Planned to start Dec-17  
DTI021 EDW Embed & Optimise    

 Planned to start Jan-18


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI004 - ETL Tool Procurement 



11-Aug-2017  ITT Issued

08-Nov-2017 Project Delivery

23-Nov-2017 Project Close    



Report by Nick Graham for August 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Market engagement report completed, reviewed and approved.  
  • Options for ITT and product 'deep-dive' identified and planned.
  • Procurement strategy received from Procurement.
  • Business case drafting begun.
  • Recommendation of market engagement report and procurement strategy to be agreed by programme board.


  • Scope of ITT process to be considered and agreed by programme board.  

Next Steps

  • Draft and confirm ITT mandatory and optional requirements with selection group.
  • Plan and carry out 'deep dive' (if appropriate).
  • Draft, review and issue ITT.
  • Replan remaining project activities on the above basis & seek approval of sponsor, programme manager and WIS accordingly.


The project is reporting AMBER.

Issue - market evaluation has taken c 8 weeks longer than planned, and Procurement have advised an open ITT strategy should be followed. Subject to Programme Board confirming this strategy, the remaining project activities will then be replanned and scheduled in light of this. No SMT action required.


DTI006 - EDW Implementation 



21-JUL-17            Planning Complete

29-SEP-17            Design Phase Complete

24-NOV-17          Org Hierarchy ASOR

06-DEC-17           Infrastructure Build Complete

08-DEC-17           Deployment

12-JAN-18           Project Close



Report by Chris Lawford for August 2017


Achievements in Last Period

  • Security Policy drafted and undergoing review and sign-off.
  • Technical architecture design in progress. Some issues have been thrown up (see below)     
  • Org / Hierarchy application design in progress.
  • SSIS Dev build in progress.


  • With complexities of ETL tool selection, we have opted to build an SSIS Dev environment, which is the likely ETL tool we’ll use for early adopters.
  • Cost of additional Oracle options: Partitioning, Multi-tenant, Advanced security.   
  • Due to above, we are reassessing the decision to go with Oracle, compared to SQL server.

Next Steps

  • Complete security policy
  • Complete technical design phase.

The project is currently reporting GREEN.


DTI019 - BI/MI Analysis Toolkit 




BI/MI Analysis Toolkit created and reviewed


Delivery of BI/MI Analysis Toolkit into overarching BI/MI Projects toolkit


Delivery Review






Report by Sue Woodger for August 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • BI/MI consultant has started. Was on site 14 August for induction and carried out interviews
  • Consultant will submit highlights report each week which will cover both the BI/MI toolkit (DTI019)and Estates requirements(EST094) parts of his contract
  • Project budget reduced from 61 days to 36 days as the consultants time is now being handled at programme level, not project level



  • Nil issues this month


Next Steps

  • BI/MI Analyst continue working on creation of toolkit
  • First draft of BI/MI toolkit due end of September 


RAG Commentary: n/a  

DTI022 - EDW Business Engagement  



15-SEP-17              Planning Complete 22-DEC-17             Project Delivery 14-JAN-17             Project Close



Report by Chris Lawford for August 2017


Achievements in Last Period

  • PM assigned 30/08. 


  • We will be late in reaching the end of planning milestone, due to lack of a PM. Now a PM has been assigned, planning will be reviewed and adjusted.

Next Steps

  • Assign project Manager
  • Start Planning phase

The project is reporting AMBER, until planning review submitted.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 



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