Report for October 2017

Report Date
October 2017

Report compiled by Chris Lawford (Programme Manager) for Alex carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • EDW DEV environment build in progress.
  • Org/hierarchy development in progress.
  • Business Engagement project reaches end of planning.

Top 3 issues

  • 17/18 Programme budget not approved. ETL ITT cannot be issued.
  • Loss of procurement support for ETL procurement.
  • Delay in the delivery of 1st draft of BI/MI Analysis tool-kit.

Key Next Steps

  • Resolve EDW 17/18 Budget issue.
  • Resolve procurement support for ETL procurement, and Issue ETL ITT
  • Approval & sign-off of BI/MI Analysis Toolkit.

The programme is reporting RED due to the lack of approval for the 17/18 budget.


Status and Forward Look


Resource Summary

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Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI005 ETL Tool Implementation  

 Planned to start Dec-17  
DTI021 EDW Embed & Optimise    

 Planned to start Jan-18


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI004 - ETL Tool Procurement






11-Aug-2017  ITT Issued

18-Dec-2017 Project Delivery

08-Jan-2018 Project Close    



Report by Nick Graham for October 2017 (submitted by Chris Lawford)

Achievements in Last Period

  • Business case approved by stakeholders and submitted to CIO - revision of costs and commercial strategy requested. 
  • ITT drafting reviewed and undergoing revision in light of feedback from new Procurement manager.      
  • Further discussion of software component options and costs with possible supplier. 
  • Business case drafted and in review. 
  • Completion of project re-planned, agreed by stakeholders and programme board, awaiting authorisation by WIS.  


  • Revision of business case and ITT is leading to delay in issue of ITT. 
  • Loss of procurement support is leading to delays in the finalisation of key procurement artefacts; specification, questions sets, procurement strategy.  Has been escalated to the assistant director of procurement.    
  • Project completion timescales can only be firmly identified once revised business case is resubmitted and approved.  (Currently assumed to be 27/11/17).

Next Steps

  • Resubmit business case. 
  • Complete ITT content.
  • Re-plan project completion on basis of approval of the above.

The project is reporting AMBER.



DTI006 - EDW Implementation 





20-DEC-17          Org Hierarchy ASOR

24-JAN-18           Infrastructure Build Complete

31-JAN-18           Deployment

27-FEB-18           Project Close



Report by Chris Lawford for October 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Security Policy agreed with CISO.
  • Technical architecture design complete; to be reviewed by CISO. .
  • DEV build in progress. Network changes required, due to bespoke nature of build.
  • Initial meetings held with Apps Dev regarding the MI/BI organisation of the future. Follow-up session planned.
  • Org / Hierarchy build in progress.
  • Project re-planned and approved, based upon the use of a non-standard Oracle platform.


  • None

Next Steps

  • Complete DEV build.
  • Complete Org / Hierarchy development.

The project is currently reporting GREEN.


DTI019 - BI/MI Analysis Toolkit 




24- Nov-2017

BI/MI Analysis Toolkit created and reviewed

01- Dec-2017

Delivery of BI/MI Analysis Toolkit into overarching BI/MI Projects toolkit

08- Dec-2017

Delivery Review

11- Dec-2017




Report by Sue Woodger for October 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • None this month


  • A second draft of the toolkit was expected by 6 October. Unfortunately the consultant was unable to deliver and new dates were agreed. Delivery was to be 10 November with an interim review on 31 October and closure moved to 11 December.
  • However on 30 October the consultant confirmed that the delivery of work in progress at 31 October was not achievable.   Consultant is going to concentrate on the Estates work first and then the toolkit.  He will deliver the toolkit in full by 10 November allowing review and amendment with signoff expected by 24 November. Closure date has not been affected.
  • We are expecting that the 1st draft of this work is as close to the final version as possible.  
  • Programme manager has escalated with consultancy MD.

Next Steps

  • BI/MI consultant to provide draft of toolkit by 10 November
  • Review meetings are already set up and will take place on 17 and 24 November
  • Meeting also set up on 24 November to discuss how to deliver the templates into service and where they will reside

Project is Green as new dates have been agreed following delay to deliverables

RAG Commentary: n/a  

DTI022 - EDW Business Engagement  





15-SEP-17              Planning Complete

22-DEC-17             Project Delivery

14-JAN-17             Project Close



Report by Geoff  Cropley for October 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Project brief and end of planning completed successfully at WIS on 20th October.
  • Project deliverables are progressing and are on track for delivery by the required date.
  • EDW Wiki has been established and draft communications collateral, strategy and plans have been produced.
  • Draft Governance and Business Engagement process have been produced and will be submitted for approval during November.


  • None to report

Next Steps

  • Agree publication of Communications, Governance and Business Engagement processes
  • Engage with Estates as an early adopter of the EDW and run through processes 

The project is reporting GREEN.  Last month status was AMBER


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

DTI003 Withdrawn

COM029 Proof of concept project has now been closed. 



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