The governance of the HR and Finance datamart projects DTI049 and DTI050 moved from Digital Transformation to SEP People and Money programme as of 27-March 2020

BI/MI Programme will deliver datamarts for HR and Finance to enable Strategic reporting - these datamarts are in addition to the operational reporting provided by the Oracle Fusion People & Money system.


This programme builds on recent DTI projects which built the in-house Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) platform and procured new BI tools.



  • Report to  Service Excellence (SEP) Governance  groups and follow SEP PMO processes
  • Work as part of the SEP "Virtual Programme for Coordination of Reporting & BI/MI Delivery" that is lead by Lynda Hutchison
  • Direct governance and decision making on Scope, Quality, Budget and Timescales  is via the DTI BI/MI Programme Board which now reports to SEP People & Money Programme Board for DTI049 and DTI050
    • DTI BI/MI Programme board membership:
      • Jennifer Milne (Programme Owner and chair of DTI BI/MI Programme board) 
      • Lynda Hutchison ( UoE BI/MI Lead) 
      • Stephen Roy (DTI Portfolio Manager) 
      • Alison Townsley (ISG BI Lead)
      • Alex Carter (ISG EDW Service owner) 
      • Dave Berry ( ISG Enterprise Architect and DTI049 / DTI050 Senior supplier)
      • Jamie Thin ( DTI BI/MI Programme Manager)
  • Responsibilities of the DTI BI/MI Programme board:
    • Initiate new projects as required
    • Identify key stakeholders from each business area for each of the HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement and HR recruitment datamarts
    • Use the Gasp MI Analyst engagement model  for effective stakeholder management  and gathering of business requirements
    • Deliver a Communications Plan
    • Bid for new funding / Request new resources - as required 

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  • Agree Vision & Goals
  • Understand why people need to use HR and Finance data and identify what data, how this is defined, seeking agreement on data definitions and how to join HR & Finance data together and dimensional modelling
  • Develop the required HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement and HR recruitment datamarts
  • Define what data is to be brought in and how it is to be defined
  • Develop a high-level plan and roadmap with timescales for implementation of strategic reporting and analytics for HR and Finance


  • Dedicated team tasked to design, build and test the HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement and HR recruitment datamarts
  • Managed end-to-end integration testing with UoE centrally supported BI Tools - SAP BI Suite, Qliksense and MS Power BI
  • Manage User engagement through a User group , and manage structured User Acceptance testing by the user community for each new datamart

Out of Scope

 Any other datamart development for other business areas including Student, Applicant and Research.

 Responsive BI Service Development.

SEP Core systems Historic Data Storage service.


IS Apps is resourcing the Programme with a dedicated BI team using fixed term appointments and/or backfilling seconded roles. 




Jamie Thin 0131-650-2108


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
July 2021 AMBER
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
DTI047 EDW Access and Authorisation GREEN August 2021 James Thin In Progress Deliver
DTI049 HR Datamart for Strategic Reporting August 2021 James Thin In Progress Accept
DTI050 Finance Data Marts for Strategic Reporting August 2021 Ben Armstrong Suspended Plan

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