Report for October 2018

Report Date
October 2018

Report compiled by Tim Gray, IS Apps Programme Manager for Lisa Dawson (Programme Owner)


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


This month has seen activity continue on both projects.  Due to some slippage with the deployment technology, the UCP delivery dates have been revised. A clear deployment strategy has now also been agreed with the minimum viable product i.e. the list of channels which the new MyEd will go live with, have also been broadly agreed. 


The programme remains AMBER on two fronts. The resourcing position on the Notifications project and the migration unknowns in the UCP project.

Resource Position

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary






Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI020 - Notifications Service - Rollout, Integrations and Subscribers



WP3 - ASOR Exam Scheduler Pilot 05-Nov-2018
WP3 Notifications for Exam Scheduler (Pilot) 16-Nov-2018
Work Package 2 - Notifications for Alma and Card Services assessment 30-Nov-2018
WP1 Full Rollout of Service completed 31-Jan-2019
Deployment Review Sign Off 28-Feb-2019
Closure 29-Mar-2019


RAG Status :




Report by Karen Stirling for October 2018

Achievements in last period

  • WP1 - CMVM Manual notifications preloaded in Service and in 2 cases already delivered and closed, sent to Y1 & Y2 undergraduate students commencing 01/11 and closing 12/11. issued out to 500 students approx. with them receiving 2 x notification per student e.g. 1,000 notifications generated, visible in MyEd, upon login. This is an on boarding exercise.

  • WP3 Exam Scheduler -

    • Cut of LIVE data taken into TEST environment, after Dec diet published to provide bulk data for testing

    • UAT scheduled

    • Divinity agreed to be pilot group based on exam codes

  • WP0 Apereo Open Source – Unicon engaged with reviewing code.  


  • WP0 : confirm dates when code handed over and discuss how engagement and budget going forward
  • A new risk to be added : Roll-out of any exam scheduler or library pilot to all users depends on MyEd upgrade to get new Notifications portlet in use
  • Project funding increased funding by £23K to now stand at £120K following DT Portfolio review - this is to reflect budget to allow Service Manager role to remain at 1FTE
  • Interim Service Manager role has still to be fulfilled, Contractor Service Manager closes 2/11/18. Enough responses received for sift and interview to commence 8th Nov.
  • WP2 Library and Cards - Service team still to provide process maps to allow review and agreement of triggers points
  • WP3 Exam Scheduler - Availability of exam scheduler team until w/b 5/11 for testing, also concerns that testing will not be completed in time for deployment currently planned for 15/11. A review of all outstanding activity underway to set expectations of an achievable milestone.


Next steps

  • WP0:
    • Working with Unicon to be in a position to share code.
    • Complete final development activity
    • Close work package
  • WP1 : 
    • Review CMVM pilot and assess if other can be set up
  • WP3 :
    • Review activity in readiness for deployment
    • UAT commences/completes
    • Load testing (of query on exam scheduler view) commences
    • TAD and deployment plan and checklist to be updated
    • Go-Cab submission (for go-cab 13/11 review)
  • WP2 : Review workflows and agree final requirements
  • Service Manager contract short-listing and interviews
  • Notifications Communication Plan to be updated

The project status is currently AMBER : this is due to potential delays in UAT and readiness to deploy WP3 Exam Scheduler to planned milestone. On-going activity to resource Service Manager to support project activity.


DTI044 - UCP uPortal5, Content Migration and UI Redesign



31-Oct-18 Acceptance – Go-CAB Decision Preview MyEd UCP
31-Oct-18 Deploy Preview MyEd UCP to LIVE
18-Jan-19 Pilot Deployment Review
31-Jan-19 Content Migration Review
31-Jan-19 Final Acceptance – Go-CAB Decision All Users
15-Feb-19 All UoE Users Transferred to LIVE UCP MyEd (D10.04)
08-Mar-19 Full LIVE Deployment Review


Report by Ranald Swanson for October 2018

Achievements in Last Period

  • Infrastructure and Framework

  • UI/UX

    • Prototype front-end developed and validated with student users in DEV

    • Card sort for functionality group completed with >500 responses (analysis ongoing)

  • Content Migration – Channel Owner Engagement

  • Risk/PICCL and Milestone Logs up-to-date

Next Steps (to mid October) 

  • JIRA stories estimation for Sprints
  • Create UI front-end in DEV for project team review, and student UX validation
  • Test DEV migration of content types (web proxy, CMS, etc)
  • Engagement with channel owners for testing and migration timescales
  • Configure TEST infrastructure and DB
  • Request LIVE infrastructure

Risks and Issues


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Notes from Programme Meeting

Note Action Status