Report for January 2018

Report Date
January 2018

Report Date

31st January 2018

Report compiled by Alison Armstrong (User Experience Programme Manager)

for Neil Allison, Stratos Filalithis, Lisa Dawson,  Colan Mehaffey, and other interested business area owners.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


  • DTI009  - Define User Experience Service project continuing as planned
  • DTI009 -The revised budget proposal has now been received and approved.  Colan and Neil to work on the longer-term sustainability plan, e.g., via production of a proposal for  ISG Planning Round funding (submitted through LTW) beyond the life of the User Experience programme to cover the period from 2019/20 onwards.  
  • It was agreed that UX programme recruitment activity (beyond initial job grading which is currently ongoing) could continue with a view to having the UX roles in place within the final quarter of  FY 2017/18.
  • DTI009 - work is well underway on potential case study "pilots" to prove the service model, this includes the production of UX (primarily user research) insight  support for the EDW, BI Tools, and Enterprise APIs programmes.  The work is on schedule for completion by Mid-March 2018.  

  • Existing contract UX resource (Magdalena Tsiobanelis) completed her contract on 31st January 2018 as planned.

  • DTI0010 - project now completed and closed.

  • Agreed that project would close on completion of case studies and the evaluation work with the latter due to complete in March.

  • Overall the User Experience Programme is now GREEN at this point in time.  


DTI010 – project  completed and closed on 3rd November 2017.  

RAG & Forward Look


Resources to end of January 2018

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary


Define UX Services


Category: Discretionary



Phase 2: Run pilots to refine UK service offering




Report by Sue Woodger for January 2018

Achievements in Last Period

  • Write up of case studies is progressing
  • Approval of revised delivery (to 31/3) and closure (to 9/4) dates from WIS 2 February
  • Project budget increase to 49 days approved by WIS 2 February
  • UX Steering Group held on 15 January
  • Updated budget available at UX Budget Planner 010218


  • None this month

Next Steps

  • Evaluation meeting to be held on 8 February – to look at how the overall evaluation report will look like
  • Rollout planning meeting to be held on  19 February with a view to a rollout plan being agreed the same week
  • Neil arranging next UX Showcase – placeholder date in for 4 April

Project is GREEN as revised dates have been approved by WIS


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

DTI007  EdGEL as a Service

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI007 Deliverables tracker

DTI008 EdGEL Technology Delivery and Transition to Business As Usual

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI008 Deliverables tracker

DTI010 Digital Experience Standards

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 3 November 17. 



Not available.