Report for May 2018

Report Date
May 2018

Report Date

31st May 2018

Report compiled by Alison Armstrong (User Experience Programme Manager)

for Neil Allison, Stratos Filalithis, Lisa Dawson,  Colan Mehaffey, and other interested business area owners.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


  • DTI009  - Define User Experience Service project completed and closed on 4th May 
  • Agreed the objectives and outline scope for a new "Embed and Optimise User Experience Services" project  (focus on maturing the services, ongoing management, communications/engagement and rollout, and longer-term sustainability).  Next steps include completion of the project brief and project initiation and completion of planning for 2018/19 which is scheduled for wk comm 2nd July.
  • Overall, the User Experience Programme is GREEN at this point in time.

DTI009 – projected completed and closed on 4th May 2018

DTI010 – project  completed and closed on 3rd November 2017.  

RAG & Forward Look

Resources to end of May 2018

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary


Define UX Services


Category: Discretionary






Report by Sue Woodger for May 2018

Achievements in last period

  • Project now completed and closed
  • All case studies were completed and signed off
  • The communications and rollout plan was also completed and signed off
  • The presentation to Digital Transformation Governance Board on 9th May covering the achievements to-date was well received
  • Agreed to take forward the work on further maturing an embedding the services, and address sustainability under a new "Embed & Optimise User Experience Services" project 



  • The recruitment of the fixed-term contract User Experience Lead role is proving challenging.  This is due to the relatively short length of the fixed-term contract (the feedback is that 12 months is not long enough to be attractive to suitable candidates).  Meeting held with Kevin Brogan to review the recruitment but we agreed there is no real potential for extension beyond the 12 month FTC period when the User Experience programme funding ends.
  • Agreed to recruit short-term contractors to end of current financial year to ensure service continuity and meet service demand.  Two contractors were engaged on a day rate basis (1 x 0.6 FTE  - Nicola Dobiecka on 15th May, and Daniel Mignorelli started on 30th May on 1 x FTE basis) to 31st July 2018.

Next Steps

  • Project now closed



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

DTI007  EdGEL as a Service

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI007 Deliverables tracker

DTI008 EdGEL Technology Delivery and Transition to Business As Usual

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI008 Deliverables tracker

DTI010 Digital Experience Standards

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 3 November 17. 

DTI009 Project closed 4th May 17.  Follow-up "Embed & Optimise User Experience Services" project due to start end June/early July 2018



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