Report for September 2017

Report Date
September 2017

Report Date

29th September 2017 

Report compiled by Alison Armstrong (User Experience Programme Manager)

for Neil Allison, Stratos Filalithis, Lisa Dawson, and other interested business area owners.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


  • DTI007 - Project completed and closed on 4th August
  • DTI008  - Project completed and closed on 4th August
  • DTI009  - All 16/17 project deliverables completed and signed-off
  • DTI009 - refinement work ongoing on the "Define UX Service" document to improve the service model in line with wider business area feedback, and service sustainability concerns 
  • DTI009 -  Forward planning for 2017/18  - meeting held on 22nd August 2017, reviewed priorities, initial draft outline plan and costings prepared, further amendments agreed and ongoing.  Budget challenges were highlighted and additional funding will be required to deliver against the current scope of services within the programme.

    DTI0010 - Project deliverables now completed, closure report completed, further refinement of the "Define Digital Experience Standards Service" deliverable ongoing, project now due to complete 30th October.
  • UX Programme Review meeting held with Gavin on 27th July. Gavin confirmed that the UX Service, Digital Experience Standards and EdGEL services will all sit under the same UX Service umbrella (at least during the life of the User Experience programme)
  • Steering Group meeting held on 28th August - agreed further engagement needed to encourage adoption, and reinforce the value/benefits. (Initial focus needs to be on the UX Service to Service Excellence, prior to communication and rollout to the wider University.) Key priority is for Programme Owner to complete the rollout planning before the 27th Sept DTI Governance Board meeting.  An initial plan was prepared but further work is required to adjust the plan in line with the anticipated resource requirements.
  • DTI010 Define Standards document -  based on feedback from key stakeholders,  further refinement of the document is needed and ongoing including movement to more of a self-service model.
  • Overall the User Experience Programme is GREEN at this point in time, and on track to continue in 17/18 with completion of forward planning a key priority.

DTI007 – project completed and closed.

DTI008 – project  completed and closed.

DTI009 – GREEN - project deliverables completed, project and programme will continue in 2017/18 as  planned.

DTI010 – AMBER - project deliverables completed but further refinement of the "Define Digital Experience Standards" deliverable is required and currently in progress, project expected to complete late Oct.

RAG & Forward Look

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Resources to end of September 2017

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Section Two: Projects Not Started


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary


Define UX Services


Phase 1: Identifying a model for a dedicated in house UX team


Phase 1: Delivery – Harmonised with DTI007


Phase 2: Run pilots to refine UK service offering



Category: Discretionary



Report by Sue Woodger for September 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • A redraft of the UX defined services document took place and is now v3.7. Has now to be reviewed by project team.
  • Discussions held around pilot projects to take forward to validate the proposals under DTI009.


  • The UX consultants have been concentrating on getting the Standards defined services document out for DTI010 first and now this has completed the project can now review the DTI009 document


Next Steps

  • Review v3.7 of Defined UX Services document and sign off
  • Agreement on additional pilots beyond UCP to be finalised


RAG Commentary N/A


DTI010 Digital Experience Standards

Category: Discretionary





Revised milestone still to be approved by WIS



Report by Sue Woodger for September 2017


  • Defined Standards service document had its final review on 26 September (original timescale was 13 September)
  • From the review came several items for the future should the service be funded and these will be captured in the closure report



  • UX team took longer to produce final draft of Defined Standards service document than anticipated due to getting peoples time to feedback.
  • Outcome of the review was that the document should be reorganised to begin with the principles and standards, then go into how the service is anticipated to operate, then into the theory driving the proposal. Also the financial threshold to be removed as a set for standards to apply to a project as it was felt that projects could be subdivided to ensure they come in under a set amount. The document will be reorganised before closure. This will move the closure milestone again and revised dates are being submitted to WIS this week

Next Steps

  • Defined Standards service document to be updated and reorganised by 13 October – does not need a further review as sequence has been agreed by the sign off team
  • Update closure report to reflect the completion of the Defined Standards service document and have reviewed by 13 October 17.
  • Close project – new date of 20 October recommended
  • Lisa and Neil will engage with SEP, outside the project, on standards regardless of whether they become a service, as they’re a good means to have dialogue about adopting more user-centred practices


RAG Commentary: Project is Amber as new revised milestone for closure to be approved by WIS – will be submitted this week.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

DTI007  EdGEL as a Service

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI007 Deliverables tracker

DTI008 EdGEL Technology Delivery and Transition to Business As Usual

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI008 Deliverables tracker




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