Report for November 2017

Report Date
November 2017

Report Date

30th November 2017 

Report compiled by Alison Armstrong (User Experience Programme Manager)

for Neil Allison, Stratos Filalithis, Lisa Dawson,  Colan Mehaffey, and other interested business area owners.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


  • DTI009  - Define User Experience Service project continuing as planned, despite  programme resourcing and funding challenges
  • DTI009 - Colan Mehaffey has been working with Jon Parry in LTW Finance team to review the financials underpinning the budget proposals prepared by Neil.  The revised UX services rollout plan and budget shows a projected overspend, i.e., there is enough DT Funding to cover the cost of the UX service only but not EdGEL and Digital Experience Standards as well.  A proposal to address these funding issues was prepared by Colan Mehaffey on behalf of Melissa Highton, and circulated for review on 27th November.  A further workshop  is scheduled for 13th December to review the proposal in more detail and address funding, contingency plans (i.e., in the event that the income from the provision of UX programme support to other projects/programmes is not realised)  and sustainability concerns. 
  • UX programme recruitment activity (beyond initial job grading) has been put on hold until there is agreement on the funding approach to address the projected budget overspend.  (LTW have confirmed that they are unable to make up the budget shortfall.)
  • DTI009 - work is underway on potential case study "pilots" to prove the service model, this includes the production of UX (primarily user research) insight  support for the EDW, BI Tools, and Enterprise APIs programmes.  The work is scheduled for completion by early February 2017.  Potential support required for the UCP Service Excellence project (i.e., user insight research for SAS002) may not go ahead due to the likely suspension of that project.  The latter would have been funded by Service Excellence.  This is likely to affect the existing contract UX resource and projected income anticipated from the provision of UX support to that pilot project in current year.

  • Programme meeting held on 16th November to review resourcing, service model, pilots/case studies work, and budget.  

  • DTI0010 - project now completed and closed.
  • Overall the User Experience Programme is AMBER at this point in time, based on budget and resourcing concerns.  The Programme Owner needs to agree an approach to address the projected budget overspend as a key priority. 

DTI009 – AMBER due to resourcing and budget challenges.   (Also, concerns about the sustainability of the services beyond 2019/20.)

DTI010 – project  completed and closed on 3rd November 2017.  

RAG & Forward Look

Resources to end of November 2017

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary


Define UX Services


Category: Discretionary



Phase 2: Run pilots to refine UK service offering




Report by Sue Woodger for November 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Confirmed that the outstanding work from DTI010 would be taken forward if a service was available and there was nothing to be factored in for 17/18
  • There were some outstanding items from DTI007/8 and Neil will take forward with Stratos separately and report back to DTI009
  • Programme manager has approved the increase to UX consultants day rate, contingent on confirmation that there is sufficient work to justify extension of the UX Consultant to 31 January 2018




  • It is still the intention to go ahead with EdGEL evolution and the Digital Experience Standards where feasible but the main challenge is the funding.  It does not look feasible out of the current funding allocation and this will be discussed at UX services funding review meeting on 13 December. Alison also looking at potential alternative funding sources with advice from Libby McCue. LTW have confirmed that they are unable to cover the projected budget shortfall.
  • Recruitment of UX Lead and UX Juniors on hold due to the budgetary constraints
  • API programme and BI Tools work expected to complete beginning of February – longer than originally anticipated by sponsor. Piccl lodged wb 4 December to move the delivery and closure dates out.
  • Still awaiting confirmation but it is unlikely that the Service Excellence funded work will proceed. This affects consultants contract and it is confirmed that her contract can continue until 31 January if there is sufficient work to justify contract extension.

Next Steps

  • Funding to be discussed at UX services funding review meeting on 13 December
  • Producing case studies templates


RAG Commentary:  project is AMBER – new dates into WIS



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

DTI007  EdGEL as a Service

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI007 Deliverables tracker

DTI008 EdGEL Technology Delivery and Transition to Business As Usual

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 28 July 17.  Some items require follow up in 17/18 and these are detailed in DTI008 Deliverables tracker

DTI010 Digital Experience Standards

Category: Discretionary

Project closed 3 November 17. 



Not available.