This programme has been created to deliver a central recommendation of the "Capital Programme Readiness Assessment" report produced by PWC for the University in July 2016. 

In this report PWC recommended that:

A centralised capital programme should be created and maintained in an industry standard planning tool replacing the existing spreadsheet based approach. In the first instance, the focus should be on modelling the existing capital plan as it stands, which would act as a direct replacement for the existing spreadsheets. Once established, additional functionality within the planning tool should be utilised to enhance visibility and decision making, specifically:

  • Interrelationships and dependencies between projects and with other strategic objectives and milestones should be modelled, so that the impact of changes to individual projects on the broader programme can be evaluated;
  • Project management resource information should be incorporated at a project level to enable Estates to identify over or under capacity of its project management resources;
  • Constraints and priorities should be applied to projects where appropriate, and automated re-sequencing functionality should be utilised to optimise the sequencing of projects within the programme. This will allow Estates to smooth out peaks and troughs in cash flow and project management resources; 
  • Progress data should be incorporated into the capital programme and updated at regular intervals. This will allow the planning tool to forecast completion dates of individual projects and allow Estates to manage and monitor timing changes within its projects



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