Programme Owner - Manager Meeting - February


ENT002 - Maurice to request PM resource. Will set to RED (new start date in April)

ENT003 - although the website says nothing, a lot of work has been done and delivered. Website needs updated and then we set it as GREEN this week.

ENT008 - project to be stopped as we cannot deliver this. Website needs updated, a closure report written, and project closed. Will report as RED to SMT so need this updated before Gavin sees it.

ENT009 - project website needs update to show that we are still unable to get work started as need to meet with Tony. Stays GREEN. Work that is not within scope of this project should not be happening .. but we have positives we can declare.


API003 - Maurice to ask team to write up the DevOps Simulation experience from last week.


Monthly report on the project website for all started projects (all except ENT002) are due this week, as per email from yesterday.


Resourcing looks adequate to deliver the nine projects currently and we remain confident on this.