Enterprise Services is a unit of IT Infrastructure, Information Services, providing Unix, Linux, Windows Server and OSX Server based infrastructure to the University as well as storage and backup services and a range of other services running on these platforms.

The Enterprise Services Section in Information Services provides a range of technical services to the University hosted on Windows Server, OS X, Unix and Linux systems. We also provide storage services hosted on our Storage Area Networks.

This is the section's set of projects delivering benefits to users of technology and services through transformation, growth and ongoing maintenance projects. As a whole, the projects are related by their shared resource, overall budget and broad alignment to strategic objectives so is more a sub-portfolio with the overall ITI portfolio than a formal programme of projects related to a common outcome in benefits or capability.


Programme Owner and Section Manager : Graeme Wood Programme Manager : Morna Findlay

Team managers:

  • Windows Services - Murray Dippie
  • Unix Platforms - Martin Campbell
  • Unix Services - Kenny MacDonald
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
ENT042 Authorisation improvements including AD review BLUE September 2020 Gail Devaney Closed Close
ENT201 Server hosting improvements BLUE May 2022 Morna Findlay Closed Close
ENT204 Windows Server 2019 Migration AMBER July 2022 Morna Findlay In Progress Execute
ENT205 Logging, Monitoring, Metrics and Alerting - improvements and gap analysis BLUE January 2021 Morna Findlay Closed Close
ENT208 System Emails & Staffmail Decommissioning BLUE August 2021 Morna Findlay Closed Close
ENT211 Datacentre IoT monitoring BLUE November 2020 Graeme Wood Closed Close
ENT212 Azure Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 BLUE August 2021 Morna Findlay Closed Close

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