October 2021 Report

Report Date
October 2021

EOO Programme Update 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Estates Systems Optimisation Programme seeks to improve Estates business functions through Business Transformation of Systems, Processes and Roles.

- Systems will be reviewed and refreshed, moving from a large number of small-scale, single-use systems, to an integrated, designed model of multi-use systems, consolidating the numbers of applications and partners used.

- Current and Future processes will be analysed and documented to enable functional design and technical workflows 

- Business-as-Usual models including Target Operating Models and role profiles will be defined

Full 'whole-life' Total cost of Ownership solutions will be defined based on IT best-practise, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) to ensure end state solutions are reliable, supportable and maintainable as ‘Business-as-Usual’ services.

The Systems Optimisation programme will have a small number of large-scale multi-year projects.  Projects will consider improvements to systems, processes and team capabilities where necessary and agreed.

The programme currently consists of the following live projects:

The following projects are suspended:

  • EST132 Estates IQ Vision/Trend963 Upgrade

The following  further projects been identified by Estates but have not been started.

  • EST135 Perspective Upgrade
  • EST136 Contact Database for Estates Help Desk
  • EST138 Deister (Proxsafe) Key Management Upgrade
  • EST137 Archibus Upgrade - previously part of EST123 but now a separate project

No projects have been closed this month:


Project Updates

  1. EST131 Estates  Compliance Management now reports an GREEN status now that Zetasafe is now live for in-house managed assets and work has started on rolling out contractor access. The development work for Emergency Lighting has been completed and should be signed off shortly by Estates

   2. EST123  Estates CAFM Stabilisation now reports a GREEN status. The Disaster Recovery Plan has been completed but still requires review and was due to be signed off  but a lack of resource has delayed this. Customisation paper from Mass is being reviewed with a meeting set up for the 5th of Nov.

   3. EST129  Estates Business Readiness and Adoption of SEP P&M  Now reports an AMBER status as EST129 now has clarity on key milestones however  a number of delivery risks remain open and (as yet) unmitigated with SEP/P&M for both scope and timelines.

4. EST135 Perspective Upgrade -Not started- GREEN

5.EST136 Contact Database for Estates Help Desk -Not started - GREEN

6.EST138 Deister (Proxsafe) Key Management Upgrade- Not started - GREEN

7.EST137 Archibus Upgrade - Not started- GREEN

8. EST132 Estates IQ Vision/Trend963 Upgrade -Suspended - RED

Therefore, the overall status of the EOO programme is set to AMBER.


Section 2 -Programme RAG Overview & Forward Look -

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

 Estates  Compliance Management  

EST 131


Target Date



Planning - completed

 Nov 2021 Go Live
 Dec 2021 Close


RAG Status


Achievements Last Period

  • Emergency Light data has been collected and transformed
  • Emergency Lighting API development work has been made available for testing
  • Work on Contractor rollout has commenced

Issues / Outstanding

  • Emergency Lighting asset data is not suitable for Estates in current configuration in Zetasafe
  • Emergency Light process to include new 'building complete' global change code needs agreed
  • Request for further technical security information from  TKE Elevators prior to their use of mobile app, need to find relevant level of assurance.

 Next Steps

  • Continue testing of Emergency Lighting API development work
  • Gain agreement to proceed with Emergency Lighting (note: separate live database)
  • Continue Phase 2 rollout (Contractors)


Stage Milestone Original Date Previous Date Current Date End of Stage Complete
Initiate Initiate (Major) 28-Aug-2020   28-Aug-2020 Yes Yes
Plan Planning (Major) 23-Oct-2020   23-Oct-2020 Yes Yes
Analyse Requirements Agreed 04-Dec-2020   04-Dec-2020 No Yes
Procure Procurement completed 26-Feb-2021 26-Feb-2021 07-May-2021 No Yes
Build System Build 31-May-2021   31-May-2021 No Yes
Accept UAT signed off 17-May-2002 17-May-2002 21-Jun-2021 No Yes
Accept Pilot Complete (Phase 1) 28-Jun-2021   28-Jun-2021 No Withdrawn
Deliver Training Complete (Phase 1) 23-Jul-2021   23-Jul-2021 No Yes
Deliver Phase 1 - In house go-live (Major) 22-Jul-2021 10-Sep-2021 24-Sep-2021 Yes Yes
Deliver Emergency Lighting Go-Live (Major) 11-Oct-2021   11-Oct-2021 Yes No
Deliver Phase 2 - External contractor go-live (Major) 27-Aug-2021 08-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2021 Yes No
Accept Deployment sign off review 21-Jun-2021 22-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 No No
Close Project Close (Major) 25-Jun-2021 29-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 Yes No


Risks are detailed at the following link  


Estates CAFM Stabilisation





Target Date


Feb 2021


Dec 21 Delivery
Jan 22 Close


RAG Status


Achievements Last Period

  • Removal of Archibus upgrade from scope of EST123. Now set up as a new project EST137
  • Customisation paper from Mass being reviewed
  • DR documentation being reviewed

Next Steps

  • Sign off  DR documentation
  • Meeting with Mass in October to discuss next steps
  • Estates to provide demo for Archibus customisation

Issues/ Risks

  • Taking longer to review documentation due to end of year & staff holidays and other commitments

Risks - Link to risks here

Current Milestones

Stage Milestone Original Date Previous Date Current Date End of Stage Complete
Plan WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 - Planning (Major) 30-Oct-2020 04-Dec-2020 26-Feb-2021 Yes Yes
Analyse WP2- Analysis of functionality completed 05-Mar-2021   05-Mar-2021 No Yes
Procure WP1 - Purchase Harman 15-Mar-2021   15-Mar-2021 No Yes
Accept WP1 - Harman UAT acceptance for software and solution 15-Mar-2021   15-Mar-2021 No Yes
Analyse WP3 - Review of current BCP and DR Plan documents 15-Mar-2021   15-Mar-2021 No Yes
Deliver WP1 - Harman Flash Go Live - Major 31-Mar-2021   31-Mar-2021 Yes Yes
Deliver WP3- Archibus Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (Major) 30-Apr-2021 31-Aug-2021 30-Oct-2021 Yes No
Deliver WP2- Archibus version comparison options paper with- review and approval for next steps  (Major) 31-Mar-2021 26-Nov-2021 17-Dec-2021 Yes No
Close WP1, WP2, WP3 Project Close (Major) 24-May-2021 24-Dec-2021 14-Jan-2022 Yes No



Estates Business Readiness and Adoption of SEP P&M 



Milestones Dates are available at this link

RAG Status – AMBER









The focus of the October EST129 report is to list achievements and planned next steps for live work streams that are actively engaged with P&M projects in support of P&M deliverables as captured below. 

In addition a Programme/Project section has been added to this month to record the work underway to enable EST129 to support P&M to meet milestones based on decisions at Court on 6th October:

  • Approval for the P&M block plan with a go live date 2nd August 2022.
  • Endorsement of P&M new ways of working: requests for information/ action from P&M must be actioned within 5 working days of receipt.

The overall assessment of the project is AMBER as there remains a number of open delivery risks as yet unmitigated with P&M.

Programme /Project.

Estates Programme Lead: Jane Cameron

EST129 Project Manager: Josephine McDonald.


Next Steps

The P&M block plan with a go live date 2nd August 2022 was shared with Estates Programme on 10th Oct’21.


EST129 Programme lead has:

  • Identified and shared critical path plan for EST129 and Estates SMEs.
  • Re prioritised work within EST129 to meet the 5 day turn around P&M principle. 
  • Initiated work to design a Business Readiness Assessment.
  • Shared prioritised EST129 issues with P&M.


Resolved issueSystem Integration Testing (SIT)

  • Inoapps are offshoring SIT in order to expedite as quickly as possible.
  • Estates lobbied for involvement to support SIT.

P&M Response: P&M / Inoapps have now accepted that it is essential for EST129 participation in SIT3.


Priority 1 issues have an EST129 /P&M agreed resolution plan:


Issue: Reporting.  3 issues have been identified:

  • Seeking clarity on day 1 reports.
  • Lack of engagement around reporting requirements.
  • 4 Estates priority reports are fully scoped

P&M Response: Identified dependency to engage a P&M BA to undertake a gap analysis between the Phase 3 scope and the list of required Estates’ reports.


Issue: Outstanding / Open Questions.

P&M Response: EST129 to share all outstanding / open questions with P&M to support resolution.

  • Projects Module (Capital Projects (incl. SW&MP) / Work Requests / Major Replacement)
  • General Ledger (Revenue Projects)
  • Procurement Operations Team - target operation model.
  • Finance Operations Team - target operation model.   
  1. Monitor progress on agreed actions to resolve EST129 identified priority 1 issues.
  2. Review and agree resolutions to mitigate EST129 identified issues, based on priority rating.


Please note: there are 3/3 outstanding priority 2 issues and 1/3 priority 3 issues to be resolved.  

Active EST129 work streams:


Work stream: Data Migration (DM)

Work stream lead: Rod Hanchard-Goodwin.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson (based on current identified P&M scope).

StatusAMBER.  Rating based on uncertainty around:

  • Data being loaded
  • Timeline available to reconcile data pre SIT 3. 
  • The impact on resource requirements to support reconciliation activities.


Next Steps

EST129, P&M and 3rd party MASS meetings continued in Oct.  DM is on track to meet P&M timeline, for delivery 5th November with no contingency.

Meeting the accelerated P&M timeline has been achieved by:

  • EST129 reviewed and then re-assigned available resources to accommodate the new timeline.
  • EST129 has taken the lead in resolving the issues around the DM deadlines.
  • Estates engaged third party, MASS at Estates cost to meet Phase 3 deadlines.
  • EST129 has secured additional Application Productions Management resources to support data extraction activity.
  • EST129 has managed tasks to the agreed cross project plan.

Issue resolved: The P&M DM plan did not include data migration requirements for General Ledger (GL). 

P&M response: P&M has agreed that they will take Estates data for the General Ledger (GL) from Archibus & eFin to be included in uploads to P&M.  

Risk: MASS delays have reduced contingency planned to meet deadline of 05 Nov ‘21.

Risk: P&M reconciliation process for data migration is a drawn out process leading up to SIT and therefore highly likely to increase resource demands from IS, Estates and Mass.

  1. Support P&M to establish:
    • eFin extraction requirements, roles & responsibilities.
    • Data migration reconciliation processes and timescales.
  2. Dev Tech to run data migration scripts provided by Mass and Estates to confirm that they have extracted the data correctly from Archibus.


Project: Historical Data Storage (HDS) Project:

IS lead for Estates: Rod Hanchard-Goodwin.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

StatusGREEN.  Rating based on progress. 


Next Steps

EST129, Estates SMEs and the HDS Team have continued to meet in October to finalise scope. 

  • 4 out of 6 workshops to define scope have been completed.
  • Planned timelines agreed:
    • Work package scope design due to complete by the end November ’21.
    • Solutions to scope identified planned to complete by mid December ‘21.


Dependency:  Phase 3 data migration designs being completely finalised.

Manage tasks to agreed plan. 


Work stream: Finance Operations (People / Organisation/ Process Re-Design)

Work stream lead: Josephine McDonald.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

Status: RED.  Rating based on EST129 are engaged with Project Manager for Project Module and are working through to support P&M identified deliverables.  However there are unresolved priority 1 issues.   


Next Steps

  • Seeking resolution of open questions from P&M:
    • Projects Module (Capital Projects (incl. SW&MP) / Work Requests / Major Replacement).
    • General Ledger (Revenue Projects).
    • Finance Operations Team Technical Operation Model (TOM).
    • Retention, Burdening (staff capitalisation) processes in P&M.
  • Seeking clarity on mid-level planning:
    • Finance Operations Team.
    • General Ledger.
  • Finalising EIT replacement processes.
  • Finalising P&M walkthrough sessions on process & system demo.
  • EST129 & Estates Subject Matter Experts sessions scheduled to validate current Estates finance operations and processes to enable business readiness analysis.
  • Planning session with Estates Finance, Estates PMO and FIRST to define business processes.  
  • Commenced license attribute review.
  • Commenced review on Projects Module budget related reports.

Progress identified activities listed under achievements.


Work stream: Procurement Operations (People / Organisation Process Re-Design)

Work stream lead: Marjory Howarth.

Estates Stakeholder: Kyle Clarke-Hays.

StatusRED.  Rating based on lead being re-assigned to other activities, whilst we await resolution on issues.  


Next Steps

  1. Finalising current mapping exercise outputs:
    • Common practices identified and captured.
    • Master versions of all current procurement processes.
    • The information will be shared with P&M to inform the “To-Be” business scenarios.
  2. Seeking resolution of open questions from P&M on Procurement Operations Team Target Operation Model (TOM).
  3. Seeking clarity on:
    • Mid-level planning for Procurement Operations Team.
    • Seeking clarity on day 1 reports.  
  4. Seeking opportunities to significantly increase engagement with Procurement Operations Team. 
  1. Finalise the current mapping exercise.
  2. Engage with newly appointed P&M Project Manager to support planning. 


Work stream: Reporting.

Work stream lead: Jane Brodie.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

Status: RED. Rating based on revised timelines and no clarity on day 1 reports.


Next Steps

  1. Seeking clarity on day 1 reports.  
  2. Limited engagement around reporting requirements.
  3. EST129 has taken the lead in resolving the issues around the finance Project Module reporting deadlines:
    • The 4 Estates priority reports are fully scoped for the finance Project Module.  These reports are under review with Estates Finance, for sign off 3rd Nov.’21.
    • 1 Retentions report for the finance Project Module is under review with Estates Finance, for sign off 3rd Nov.’21.
  4. P&M are to undertake a gap analysis between the Phase 3 scope and the list of required Estates’ reports.  

The following issues escalated to P&M remain unresolved:

Issue 1: P&M have previously confirmed that day 1 budgetary control reports will be available for General Ledger.  EST129 have not been able to identify the P&M functional lead for these reports.

Issue 2: EST129 have been requesting reporting scope & timescales, for some time now. This issue has been escalated to P&M to investigate.

Activities will be planned based on responses from P&M.


Work stream: System Integrations

Work stream lead: Eric Wardle.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

Status: GREEN.  Rating based on all deliverables that are reaching Ready for System Integration Testing (SIT). 


Next Steps

EST129 continued to support P&M deliverables, current status listed below. 

Lease Invoicing and Inventory (Stock) are at final technical peer to peer review.

myProject nearing completion, with final decision required on tools to transfer files from P&M to myProject. 

Work Requests: Work has started on technical design.  

Issue on Lease integration identified in October resolved: Inoapps identified that use of the Tenant Ref field could not be supported for agreed documented use.  MASS have agreed to make slight adjustments at no extra cost to accommodate P&M configuration and meet Estates requirements. 

Continue to support P&M /MASS deliverables for Work Request Integrations through technical design stage.

Support resolution of issues across all deliverables.



Work stream: System Integrations Testing (SIT)

Work stream lead: Eric Wardle.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

Status: AMBER.  Rating based on agreed partnership between P&M and EST129 to plan for and execute SIT3 in P&M plan.  However, scope and mid-level plans for P&M: SIT1, SIT2 and SIT4 are still unknown. 


Next Steps

P&M are planning 4 SIT phases.  EST129 effort focused around resolution on the lack of EST129 involvement in SIT.

Issue: Inoapps are offshoring the SIT exercise in order to expedite as quickly as possible. Estates lobbied for involvement to support SIT.

P&M response: P&M / Inoapps have now accepted that EST129 participation in SIT 3 is essential.

P&M response: P&M / Inoapps have not responded on EST129 participation in SIT1, SIT2 and SIT4.  Scope and mid-level plans for P&M: SIT1, SIT2 and SIT4 are still unknown. 

  1. Support planning and preparation for SIT 3.
  2. Seek clarity on scope and mid- level planning for  SIT1, SIT2 and SIT4



Work stream: Achibus Changes

Work stream lead: Pauline Smith.

Estates Stakeholder: Karen Adamson.

Status: GREEN.  Rating based on collaboration between Estates System SME and MASS to list and document changes based on agreed Integrations solutions.


Next Steps

  1. A list of system changes have been identified and documented based on known technical solutions for integrations. 
  2. This exercise has extended to include planning for business continuity.
  3. Seeking clarity on scope and mid-level planning for cut over and business continuity.
  1. Continue to update system change documentation through each stage of the P&M programme. 
  2. Update IS/Estates Business Continuity plan to support P&M go live.


The following work streams are on hold:

Work stream

Reason on hold

User Acceptance Testing

  • EST129 have requested by early Dec/’21 to have a mid-level plan for UAT 3.
  • EST129 are seeking clarity on scope and mid-level plans for P&M UAT1, UAT2 and UAT4.

Training and Support

EST129 are seeking clarity on scope and mid-level plans for Training and Support.

Cut over

EST129 are seeking clarity on scope and mid-level plans for Cut over.

Change Management and Communications

EST129 are seeking clarity on scope and mid-level plans for Change Management and Communications.



Risks are detailed at the following link.

The overall assessment is AMBER, there remains a number of open delivery risks as yet unmitigated with P&M.     

  1. Scope: Remains RED due to a lack of clarity on P&M scope.  Open issues relate to decisions on scope for a number of P&M projects.     
  2. Timeline: Remains AMBER due to the provision of a high level P&M Phase 3 timeline. However, there remains significant concerns regarding the absence of mid-level plans with the exception of Data Migration and the finance Project Module.  Concerns have been escalated to P&M as detailed above.

Issue, changes, Assumptions & Decisions;

These are detailed at the following link and cover the challenges with Scope, Time and Effort. 


Milestones will be revisited and updated in November based on the P&M block plan.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Section Five: Programme Risk Register 





Availability of Estates staff


Lack of progress due to Estates staff availability

Delay in P&M Integration work on EST129 RED Lack of clarity and timelines on P&M / SEP projects
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Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Zoe Stephens & Mark Ritchie
RAG Commentary
The programme is showing Amber as most resources are working on EST129 leading to a number of other projects being delayed or on hold.


Not available.