Estates Systems Optimisation Programme seeks to improve Estates business functions through Business Transformation of Systems, Processes and Roles.

- Systems will be reviewed and refreshed, moving from a large number of small-scale, single-use systems, to an integrated, designed model of multi-use systems, consolidating the numbers of applications and partners used.

- Current and Future processes will be analysed and documented to enable functional design and technical workflows 

- Business-as-Usual models including Target Operating Models and role profiles will be defined

Full 'whole-life' Total cost of Ownership solutions will be defined based on IT best-practise, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) to ensure endstate solutions are reliable, supportable and maintainable as ‘Business-as-Usual’ services.

The Systems Optimisation programme will have a small number of large-scale multi-year projects.  Projects will consider improvements to systems, processes and team capabilities where necessary and agreed.

Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
July 2022 AMBER
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
EST123 Estates Facilities Management Stabilisation BLUE March 2022 Rod Hanchard-Goodwin Closed Close
EST129 Estates Business Readiness and Adoption of SEP P&M RED July 2022 Rod Hanchard-Goodwin In Progress Execute
EST131 Estates Compliance Management BLUE January 2022 David Shannon Closed Close
EST132 Estates IQ Vision/Trend963 Upgrade AMBER July 2022 David Shannon In Progress Execute
EST133 Estates Power Monitoring Expert Server BLUE August 2021 Rod Hanchard-Goodwin Closed Close
EST134 Building Energy Management System (BEMS) Server Upgrade BLUE September 2021 Rod Hanchard-Goodwin Closed Close
ESTS119 Estates Security Systems Integration BLUE June 2021 Derrick Matheson Closed Plan


Not available.