The Estates and Buildings programme which covers all aspects of Space Management, Fault Logging, Project Management and Finances and Support Service.



Name Role Contact Details
Karen Adamson Programme Owner Karen.Adamson@ed.ac.uk
Derrick Matheson Programme Manager (IS Applications) Derrick.Matheson@ed.ac.uk

If you have any questions or comments about this programme please contact either Karen or Derrick or email the Project Services team at: apps-projects@lists.ed.ac.uk

Code RAG Manager Status Stage
EST065 Lease Sales Invoice Interface to eFin Sales Ledger BLUE Morna Findlay Closed Close
EST069 Archibus Upgrade for Windows 7 BLUE Stephen Conlon Closed Close
EST072 Energy Recording Systems Upgrade BLUE Anne Mathison Closed Close
EST073 Security Incident Tracking System GREEN Andrew Stewart Closed Close