The Estates and Buildings programme which covers all aspects of Space Management, Fault Logging, Project Management and Finances and Support Service.



Name Role Contact Details
Karen Adamson Programme Owner Karen.Adamson@ed.ac.uk
Derrick Matheson Programme Manager (IS Applications) Derrick.Matheson@ed.ac.uk

If you have any questions or comments about this programme please contact either Karen or Derrick or email the Project Services team at: apps-projects@lists.ed.ac.uk

Code RAG Manager Status Stage
EST080 Estates Department Help Desk BLUE Andrew Stewart Closed Close
EST083 Estates and Building Financial Management Process Review - Phase 2 BLUE Ben Armstrong Closed Close
EST084 Estates Department Document Management BLUE Anne Mathison Closed Close
EST087 Energy Systems Consolidation BLUE Andrew Stewart Closed Close
EST088 Capital Budgeting Evaluation BLUE Andrew Stewart Closed Close
EST089 Perspective Upgrade BLUE Andrew Stewart Closed Close
EST090 Waste Management System Upgrade BLUE Elaine Wighton Withdrawn Build
EST091 EBIS On-Line ColdFusion Upgrade BLUE Chris Lawford In Progress Build
EST092 Estates Operational Reports BLUE Andrew Stewart Closed Close
EST093 Estates Strategic Reporting BLUE Chris Lawford Closed Close