This programme is managed by Project Services (part of IS Applications Division) in conjunction with Finance to deliver IT-related projects to support them in their strategic aims to: -

  • Maintain tight stewardship over the University’s financial resources, ensuring that financial funding in the form of cash and loan facilities are available for managed strategic growth without over commitment.
  • Increase transparency of income and full costs of activities across the University.
  • Maintain and improve the University’s financial control environment including the management of financial risk.
  • Maintain and improve the financial systems and processes such that they are easy for users to access, operate quickly and efficiently.
  • Tighten financial and management reporting such that accurate up to date information reflecting income received and due, and expenditure undertaken and committed, is reported on a timely basis each month and at year end.
  • Develop a culture of customer service and support, and continually improve the provision of financial advice provided to academic and functional managers to assist them in the effective management of their area of responsibility and the University overall.
Programme Owner

Lorna McLoughlin

Programme Manager              Ben Armstrong


Below is a list of the projects within the programme for this year.  To see full details of the current programme status, please refer to the latest monthly Programme Report, which is located in the Reporting menu on the righthand side of the screen.

Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
March 2024 GREEN