The HR Transformation Programme (HRTP) is part of the University’s 5-year Service Excellence Programme which is transforming key professional service functions to ensure the best return from the sum of our efforts by building effective and efficient services.

The HRTP is delivering a new HR Operating Model – OneHR – for the University and is also working alongside the Finance Transformation programme and the Core Systems programmes in the implementation of a new HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement system, a key enabler for achieving the benefits of the HRTP.


To create the best HR team in the University sector recognised as a strategic partner in the successful delivery of the University’s mission

Work completed May 2016 -May 2019

In April 2018, the Service Excellence Board approved the HRTP Blueprint and Business Case. These were the culmination of two years of work using KPMG’s HE Transformation methodology which saw the programme complete a Current State Assessment, Outline Business Cases and then Detailed Design of People and Process.

In early 2019, the programme completed the File Digitisation project (HRP001), delivering a digital employee record Sharepoint service. The programme also launched the Digital Ways of Working. For more information on the programme's work, please visit our Sharepoint site.

Current programme of work

There are two major projects being delivered over 18/19 and 19/20. One is focussing on Policy standardisation (HRP004) and the other on Process standardisation (HRP005) ahead of the implementation of the Core System which will deliver the majority of identified efficiencies and benefits.

In addition to these projects, the programme will be delivering People Change. We have already created a new HR Operations team who have recently begun working as one team from new offices in Dalhousie Land.

All of these projects will enable the new ways of working as One HR, delivering a new Operating Model.


We have also been working with colleagues in the Core Systems Programme to procure a new HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement System. The Core System Implementation project planning is now underway.


For more information on previous and current HRTP activity, please visit the  our Sharepoint site.

James Saville SEP Sponsor (HR) james.saville@ed.ac.uk
Phil Spencer HRTP  Programme Sponsor


Martyn Peggie HRTP Core Lead martyn.peggie@ed.ac.uk
Clare Le Fevre HRTP Programme Manager clare.le.fevre@ed.ac.uk
Morag Easton HRTP Transformation Lead morag.easton@ed.ac.uk


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