December Programme Report

Report Date
December 2017

Morna Findlay (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Zoe Lewandowski (Programme Owner)


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update 




The programme manager considers that overall the programme is GREEN as all currently planned projects are expected to be delivered as planned.


Having reviewed the   Tomcat  "end of life project"with the head of Production Management, the programme manager will take steps to withdraw this project in December 2017. This is because  Tomcat for APEX  does not yet have to be upgraded but there may be work to be done to upgrade Apache for all applications on the server (including APEX). The work will to up[grade Apache will now be carried out by Information Services in 2018-19.


The programme manager has met with Susan McLaren, who has been delegated to proceed with the annual planning process.  This year, core funding is available for  compliance projects only, but projects with sponsor funding may be proposed to IS at any time.




Risk - Erecruitment Licencing  An extension to the current contract has been negotiated till December 2-18.   HRS will negotiate with Core seeking agreement that the contract can be further extended without the need for an upgradeto SaaS  ( as per Core's new business model), however as a safeguard, a proposal to  plan for an upgrade project has been submitted to annual planning. T



IS and HR are working together with suppliers (CORE and ORACLE) and the DPO to analyse what steps might be taken under support, or may require another solution.

A meeting to estimate requirements has been arranged in January 2018



Forward Look for December 2017


The overall "burn rate" is low due to the withdrawal of the APEX Tomcat upgrade project.



The  APEX Tomcat end of life project will be withdrawn.



Resources to 31/12/2017







 Section Two: Projects Not Started


There are no approved projects planned  to this month.  The following projects will start later in the year.

AP17-18:    APEX Tomcat 7 End of Life             Withdrawn                               
AP17-18:    HESA Staff Return 17/18     To be initiated January 2018 


Section Three: Projects in Progress


None at this time.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

HRS091 (AP56-049)

Working Time Capture and Reporting ( was Enhancing Employment Technical Implementation)

 Closure approved July 2017

HRS092 (AP67-034)

HESA Staff Return 16/17

Closure approved 1-Dec-2017

Closure Milestone

Completion Report

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