Programme Report for January 2018

Report Date
January 2018

Morna Findlay (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Craig Hennessy (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update 



The programme manager considers that overall the programme is RED:

  • The GDPR risk has been realised for eRecruitment: work is urgently required and it is not clear how and whether this can be undertaken in time.
  • HRS094 - RED - lack of software development resources and higher estimate than budget.

This is RED with the note that the utilisation rate is low (32% year to date) due to:

  1. HRS094 HESA work that is being initiated now (32d currently planned).
  2. GDPR Updates for eRecruitment work identified, which will start as soon as possible when initiation is agreed (60d).
  3. An increase in contingency held within the HRS Programme (6d contingency for HRS094).
  4. If the above 3 items are removed from the budget the utilisation rate is running at 173% for the year to date.


Risk - Erecruitment Licencing  An extension to the current contract has been negotiated till December 2018.   HRS will negotiate with Core seeking agreement that the contract can be further extended without the need for an upgrade to SaaS  ( as per Core's new business model), however as a safeguard, a proposal to  plan for an upgrade project has been submitted to annual planning. There is a risk that that eRecruitment upgrade may need to be brought forward to start in this year; there is no budget currently available.

IS and HR are working together with suppliers (CORE and ORACLE) and the DPO to analyse what steps might be taken under support, or may require another solution.


Forward Look for January 2018


Resources to end January 2018

The mid-year review identified a need for further HR funding, and the balance row has been agreed to be 68d rather than the 43d reflected below, with the total budget agreed as 120d rather than the 95d below (see yellow cells). However, the need identified for HRS094 is likely to be higher than the 38d currently allocated, leaving an estimated gap of 22d. The balance row allocation is 60d for HR GDPR Updates to eRecruitment (a small 50d project with 20% contingency) and 8d for HRS094. The current estimated gap of 22d coulAd potentially be covered from USG portfolio contingency.


 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary

GDPR Updates for eRecruitment


Planning: February 2018

Delivery: May 2018

RAG Status



The risk that we may require updates to eRecruitment for GDPR has now become an issue and a project is needed to address this. The DPO has advised that we must make updates to comply with the legislation, however, it is normally not possible to make changes to a 3rd party vendor solution without invalidating the vendor warranty.

There is an urgent need to determine whether, and how, we could meet the requirements given the current status of the application. This would determine what options there may be, and how we could undertake these. The changes to the associated BI Universes are required and simple in comparison.


Support from CORE HR to make changes to the eRecruitment application, or guidance on how we may make such changes without invalidating the warranty and support.

Guidance from Software Development and DPO about how we can meet the legislative requirement without invalidating the warranty.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

HRS094 (AP78-073)

HESA Staff Return 17/18

Date Milestone
16-Feb-2018 Planning - Brief
31-Mar-2018 Initial Build
13-Apr-2018 Initial Acceptance
27-Jul-2018 First Deployment
28-Sep-2018 Submit HESA Return

RAG Status :


Project Report by Anne Mathison


  • Initial project meeting held
  • Project website set up
  • Software developer resourcing discussed


  • OPEN: there are no software development resources available with the experience to accommodate this project

  • OPEN: the current 30d project budget is likely to be insufficient for the 2017/18 part of the HESA return. The estimate is to be agreed as part of the Brief, which is due for completion in mid February. Although the mid-year nominally allocated 38d to this project, there is a likely gap of 20-30d in 17/18. This is expected to be funded from USG Portfolio contingency.

Next Steps

  • Complete project plan
  • Complete Brief
  • Complete contractor software developer request
  • Initiate Systems Design with information gathered to date
  • Guestimate of project estimation


ISSUE : OPEN : RED status due to a) lack of available software development resource to complete this work and b) project budget is likely to be insufficient to meet for the 2017/18 part of the HESA return. The budget is to be agreed as part of the Brief, which is due for completion in mid February and funding (of 22d) could be allocated from the current USG portfolio contingency.




Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

HRS091 (AP56-049) Working Time Capture and Reporting ( was Enhancing Employment Technical Implementation)

Category: Compliance

Report by Susan Duff

This project was closed on 14-Jul-17.

Please see the Closure Report for further information.

APEX Tomcat 7 End of Life

Category: Compliance

Report by Morna Findlay

This project was withdrawn on 18-Dec-17.

HRS092 (AP67-034) HESA Staff Return 16/17

Category: Compliance

Report by Anne Mathison

This project was closed on 04-Dec-2017.

Please see the Closure Report for further information.

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