Programme Report for August 2018

Report Date
August 2018

Completed by Morna Findlay (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Susan McLaren  (Programme Owner)



Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update 



The programme manager considers that overall the programme is AMBER, due to risks associated with the need to upgrade the Erecruitment  application. Agreemement on this with Core has not yet been reached/


RED and AMBER Programme Risks



CORE plan new technical strategy RED Susan McLaren
5 year e- recruitment licence must be extended AMBER              Susan McLaren
GDPR compliance requirements AMBER Susan McLaren
Browser changes may impact erecruitment users AMBER Stefan Kaempf
Planned Payroll upgrade of Oracle may impact HR propgramme of work AMBER Susan McLaren



Risks around eRecruitment   An extension to the current contract has been negotiated till December 2018.   HRS will negotiate with Core seeking agreement that the contract can be further extended without the need for an upgrade to SaaS  ( as per Core's new business model) and an agreement was expected to be reached in April.  As a safeguard, a proposal to  plan for an upgrade project has been submitted to annual planning.   However there is a risk that that eRecruitment upgrade may need to be brought forward to start in this year; there is no budget currently available. A decision has not been announced as of July 2018


Forward Look for August 2018




Resources to end August 2018




 Section Two: Projects Not Started

All projects in the HRS Programme are currently in progress.

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

HRS094 HESA Staff Return 17/18

Date Milestone
28-Sep-2018 Submit HESA Return
12-Oct-2018 Commit
09-Nov-2018 Final Submission
07-Dec-2018 Closure

RAG Status


Project Report by Anne Mathison for August 2018


  • HR used the SHEF file load
  • HR continued testing and correcting data (usual HESA return corrections)
  • IS were available to provide support, but were not needed in August


  • No issues

Next Steps

  • Any HR issues raised to be sorted
  • Any IS issues raised to be sorted
  • HR continue testing and correcting data
  • HR will Submit HESA return in preparation for the September Milestone


GREEN RAG status




HRS096 GDPR Updates for eRecruitment


Milestone Due Date
End of Planning (Project Brief - Phase 1) 24-Aug-2018   
Start of Business Analysis 27-Aug-2018
End of Analysis / Design 14-Sep-2018
Start Data Anonymisation (Phase 1) 05-Oct-2018
Complete Data Anonymisation (Phase 1) 12-Oct-2018
Deliver Phase 2 Recommendation and Estimate For Review    12-Oct-2018
Deployment Phase 1 - Sign-Off 26-Oct-2018
Phase 2 Recommendation and Estimate Decision / Sign-Off 26-Oct-2018
Project Closure - Phase 1 02-Nov-2018


RAG Status



 Project  report by Ken Miller and Morna Findlay for August 2018

Achievements this Period

  • Project brief rewritten, signed off and approved at WIS (24/08/2018)
  • Project now split into two distinct Phases with the anonymisation of Leaver data in the PPIPMI data mart defined / agreed in Phase One
  • A further, third, project manager in place, who has the capacity to see the Project to completion
  • Business analysis of  commenced


  • Budget for Project Management, due to resource changing for a third time, needs to be addressed 

Next Steps

  • Budget  and milestones to be re-reviewed by the new Project Manager in line with ASTA / resource bookings
  • Define / analyse the requirements for Phase Two - Historical job application data in eRecruitment and associated universes




Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects