Report for June 2020

Report Date
June 2020

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


  • The programme's current status is GREEN, with HESA project progressing to plan.
  • The programme manager completed a review of open programme risks in January 2020 and has requested confirmation from People and Money (P&M) programme that risks relating to current Oracle HR & Payroll and eRecruitment systems are fully transferred to the P&M programme and therefore can be closed for the HRS programme. This has been agreed but the programme manager has asked for confirmation this programme will not be required to complete any end of life mitigation work given the revised delivery milestones for phases 2 and 3 of the P&M programme.
  • The programme may be affected by the Coronavirus risk as noted at Portfolio level.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the guidelines available on the Project RAG status guidance page.

Forward Look - June 2020


Resources to end June 2020

Section Two: Projects Not Started 

Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary 

All project now in progress or delivered


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary
HRS098 HESA Staff Return 2019/20


Milestones :

Milestone Due Date
Submit HR HESA Return (MAJOR)   21-Sep-2020
Commit  05-Oct-2020
Final Submission  29-Oct-2020
19-20 Archive  21-Nov-2020
Close (MAJOR)  04-Dec-2020
RAG Status :


Report by Anne Mathison for June 2020


  • Completed remaining Build of HESA Extract PL/Sql JIRAs in DEV
  • Completed Build of APEX JIRAs in DEV
  • Completed HESA BI Report JIRAs in DEV
  • Implemented completed DEV work into TEST
  • Started running completed work in TEST
  • Implemented  all  tested work to LIVE for business testing
  • Revised project budget for 19/20 
  • Issues

  • No issues
  • Next Steps

  • Review project budget for 20/21
  • Agree and approve revised project budget
  • Support business testing in all required technologies
  • Cover any JIRA work required
  • Cost centre files expected from Finance to be uploaded
  • Tables containing data from GaSP to re-populate with this year's data 


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

HRS097 HR/HESA Staff Return 2018/19

This project closed on 6 November 2019

HRS096 GDPR Updates for eRecruitment

This project closed on 22 November 2019


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Programme Status
RAG Status
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