The HR programme is run in partnership with IS Applications.  This programme will cover any emergent projects that may be required to support the HR function.

There are currently no projects planned for 2021/22.



Debbie Kilgallon    

Programme Owner


Susan Ridder-Patrick   Programme Manager (IS Applications)    



If you have any questions or comments about this programme please contact Debbie or Susan.

Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
June 2021 BLUE
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
HRS095 APEX Tomcat 7 End of Life Morna Findlay Withdrawn Close
HRS096 HR GDPR Updates BLUE November 2019 Ken Miller Closed Close
HRS092 HR HESA Staff Return 16/17 BLUE November 2017 Anne Mathison Closed Close
HRS094 HR HESA Staff Return 17/18 BLUE November 2018 Anne Mathison Closed Close