The IS Applications Infrastructure Programme is Production Management's main programme of projects for maintaining and delivering benefits for the services run by IS Applications for users in IS and throughout the university.

The Production Management Manager is the Programme Owner. The programme focuses on development and enhancement of the Information Services technical infrastructure supporting the centrally managed services run by IS Applications  (servers, databases, software, security and networking) which underpin the business applications used by the University, but can also sponsor software, business analysis and collaborations with other sections and divisions, to improve our infrastructure.



Name Role Contact Details
Suran Perera Programme Owner


Colin Watt

Programme Manager (IS Applications)




Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
July 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
INF143 MySQL Environment Migration RED August 2021 Frankie Quinn Closed Close
INF149 Move Oracle databases to VMs - Phase 2 GREEN August 2021 David Watters In Progress Execute
INF151 Encryption at Rest Rollout (Multiyear 1 of 2) BLUE August 2021 David Watters In Progress Close
INF159 Python Upgrade Ahead of EOL AMBER August 2021 Sue Woodger In Progress Plan
INF160 Oracle Upgrade Colin Watt Not Started Initiate
INF162 Annual Disaster Recovery for Priority Services Test Colin Watt Not Started Initiate
INF163 CentOS 7 EOL Colin Watt Not Started Initiate
INF164 Annual Upgrade of Development Tools + Frameworks Colin Watt Not Started Initiate
INF165 Annual Maria DB Upgrade Colin Watt Not Started Initiate

Programme Dashboard

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