Report for March 2017

Report Date
March 2017

Note: As the IoT initiative and the IoT Co-ordination group have been in place for around a year now, we were in a position to instigate some work on pilot projects (deploying IoT gateways and sensors) and a decision was made to progress with this in lieu of the completion of programme (and project) initiation and planning documents. Therefore, work is already progressing (ref IoT project reports) while the formal programme docs are being developed and the governance structure and teams established.  A draft version of the programme brief is currently on the web site.   The initial priority has been to focus on deploying kit under the pilot projects.

Progress so far:

  • Two projects under way and these are on the projects web site.
  • Successful IoT Challenge as part of the Festival of Learning (in Feb).   The challenge won second place for the most collaborative event of the Festival of Creative Learning based on participants’ feedback and public engagement.
  • A further project is about the be initiated (ELK back end for IoT).
  • Agreement place to migrate the currently externally hosted IoT website in to the UoE website and have it supported by the UoE website team.
  • Budget in place for the following:
    • Web site migration (note : this will be managed as a business as usual piece of work by the web site team.  They estimate 3 days effort and we will not be creating a formal project for this).
    • Technical contractor to run to end of July.
    • Purchase and install of x5 additional IoT gateways.
  • Programme approach agreed (this will be documented in the programme brief).
  • Numerous discussions held regarding the IoT strategy and how we formalise the IoT initiative within the University (i.e. , how it will formally report in to the University's governance structure).   
  • IoT strategy and programme brief are in progress as well as R&R for programme sponsor, programme board, and stakeholders.  All are well developed and expect to be completed \ in-place by end of April (assuming any formal steps to recognise the strategy can support this).
  • Numerous discussions with external parties regarding potential partnerships.


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RAG Manager Status Stage
IoT001 Argyle House IoT pilot GREEN Stephen Taylor In Progress Execute
IoT002 Main Library IoT Pilot. GREEN Stephen Taylor In Progress Plan