This programme manages projects submitted to the Innovation Programme but are funded through LTW Strategic Projects Budget

Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
LTW001 Blockcerts for Edinburgh BLUE July 2018 James Reid Closed Close
LTW002 Dealing with Data Video Case Studies BLUE July 2018 Pauline Ward Closed Close
LTW003 Digital writing surfaces in Science and Engineering GREEN May 2018 Victoria Dishon In Progress Analyse
LTW004 Multimedia Metadata Generator BLUE March 2018 Jimmy Angelakos Withdrawn Initiate
LTW005 Nureva Span Local & Distance Collaborative System BLUE May 2018 Stephen Dishon Closed Close
LTW006 Schema.org integration with Library and University Collections BLUE July 2018 Scott Renton Closed Close
LTW007 Speak to us  - Voice interaction design for university websites BLUE August 2018 Stratos Filalithis Closed Plan


Not available.