The University of Edinburgh has a strategic vision which prioritises digital transformation.  Specifically, the strategy states that we will “invest in digital services that are key to discovery, development and sharing” and that we will “engage the public in research: encourage the widest possible range of audiences to understand our research through public engagement programmes and our digital resources.”  Information Services Group (ISG) implements this strategy by supporting digitisation as a key theme within the Library.  Digitisation is the process of representing books, documents, recordings or objects as digital information.  Drawing on the UoE’s wealth of collections, we make our heritage, cultural and research assets available online using an open by default approach wherever possible.  During 2016-2019 we have committed to develop “A world leading digitisation strategy, culture and programme that aims to enhance student experience, research opportunities and leverage the university collections.” 

Our Digitisation Programme follows a strategy which outlines our vision and approach to digitisation, which is informed by a consultation exercise we ran from April-July 2017.  It builds on the last 15 years of digital content creation and looks to leverage our collection strengths to support the University and its communities.  The strategy and programme are owned by the Digitisation Programme Board which represents stakeholders from across the University as well as all the staff working on the digitisation programme. Digitisation itself is based within the Library & University Collections (L&UC) directorate within ISG.


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