June 2017

Report Date
June 2017

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Overall Programme RAG: GREEN  


MVM519 [CMVM Sharepoint]

Steering group meeting to place on the 5th of June with demonstration of progress made at College. Further discussion was encouraged along with requests for needs and needs to take forward. Training took place for 20 staff on the 22nd June. Positive feedback has been received. At meeting that took place on the 28th of June (Workshop group) the desicion was made to reset the project with a new set of criteria. It is anticipated that this will involve a new project with IS as a stakeholder. There will also be a new PM.

MVM512 [CMVM Space Management IT Development]

Review to discuss closure as the needs of the project original request have been met.

MVM513 [IS - Remodelling of IS Support for Psychiatry]

Small elements of closure have been identified and a thte request of key staff involved in delivering the project it has been agreed to hold open for a further month.

MVM508 [CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation]

This project continues to develop and accomplish.

MVM506 [CMVM Reporting and data intelligence]

Awaiting plan from Business Lead. A review should take place with the Head of IT to ascertain if this is a project that should sit on this site. Or if this should be seen as a standard business matter to be dealt with as part of day to day business matters.

MVM509 [Implementation of Vet Practice Management System]

The project continues to move forward 



Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info   Programme Manager's Commentary
MVM502 CMVM College IT communications strategy This project is due to start in 2017
MVM503 CMVM Corporate Business Services review This project is due to start in 2017
MVM504 CMVM Digitisation of paper records This project is due to start in 2017 - Will proceed after MVM508
MVM505 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio This project is due to start in 2017
MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Linked primarily CIS002 - Oct 2016 - MVM518
MVM509 Vets Practice Management System (PMS) strategy and project See MVM009
MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development This project is due to start in 2017
MVM511 CMVM College WWW Presence development This project is due to start in 2017
MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development This project is due to start in 2017
MVM516 IS - Honours Project Portal move to central resources This project is due to start in 2018 - Changed.
MVM517 CMVM Developing the CMVM Intranet environment This project is due to start in 2017


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


CMVM Space Management IT Development

Report completed by Sarfraz Mohammed for June 2017


  • Spreadsheet Developed
  • Spreadsheet Delivered and setup for project sponsor 


  • N/A

Next Steps

  • Waiting on Project Sponsor to finish testing
  • Write report and Close project



Lease standardisation and tenant IT service entitlement

(see also MVM027)


Report completed by Anthony Davie for June 2017


  • UAT commenced in early June '17. Currently (at time of writing) 5 weeks into UAT.
  • Minor adjustments to soft landing forms agreed with tenants and John MacKenzie. New drafts created and distributed to John MacKenzie.
  • Temporary samples of standard UoE VoIP phones arranged in campus building for John MacKenzie to demonstrate to existing and prospective tenant companies.


  • UAT projected completion is w/c 17/07/17

Issues resolved

  • n/a.

Ongoing concerns

  • Lack of end user engagement from UoE IS ITI CIS through UAT, during June '17.
  • Concerns being raised by John MacKenzie on lack of engagement and feedback on progress through UAT.
  • Some minor challenges to project scope by John MacKenzie's team; relating to wireless printing, support request from UoE IS. This is being dealt with through local processes and reference back to project scope.

Next steps

  • Latest version of "soft landing" documents to be uploaded onto projects web site.

  • Monitor UAT outcomes.

  • Once UAT completed, review outcomes, make any final adjustments to relevant documentation based on feedback, arrange final meeting and move towards project completion.

  • John MacKenzie has two additional tenant companies who have signed up and wish to progress requests for phone lease and Janet BCE registrations.

MVM508 CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation


Report completed by Sarfraz Mohammed for June 2017


  • HRB Printers Ordered
  • BMTO Submission room printer ordered
  • ECTU Printers Ordered


  • Slow response from certain areas

Next Steps

  • Waiting on Approval from CCBS
  • Anne Rowling Clinic
  • Audit other areas for Cloud roll out
  • Waiting for arrival of printers that have been ordered

Implementation of Vet Practice Management System

Category: Funded

30-Jun-2017 Authentication (Single Sign On Capability) (TEST) Build
14-Jul-2017 Authentication (Single Sign On Capability) (LIVE) Integrate
31-Jul-2017 Data Migration Complete Execute
31-Jul-2017 User Acceptance Testing Complete Accept
25-Aug-2017 Phase One Acceptance Review (Go / No Go Decision) Accept
01-Sep-2017 Phase One Delivery (Equine and Farm Go Live) Deliver
22-Sep-2017 Phase One Acceptance Review Part 2 (Go / No Go Decision) Accept
03-Oct-2017 Phase One Delivery (HFSA and Labs Go Live) Deliver
22-Dec-2017 Phase Two Delivery Execute
12-Jan-2018 Delivery Sign Off Review Deliver
26-Jan-2018 Project Closure Close

Report completed by Colin Watt for June 2017

Report Date
June 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • FNS (Provet) visited R(D)SVS 5th and 6th June to revisit lab connectivity, Accounts procedures, and to review progress to date; a review with a wider group of users took place on 6th June.
  • 5 members of RDSVS visited the Blue Star Small Animal Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden on 7th June, the launch client of Provet Cloud for FNS.
  • FNS have provided an outline solution for handling security on the proposed Offline (Mobile) application; Iain Fiddes has reviewed this and is satisfied with the proposal however the Project Board have asked for a breakdown of the work before approval.
  • Data Migration work has progressed; UoE have provided an updated Tristan database extract for FNS to re-run their scripts against and we expect to be in a position where the migration process can be signed off  by end-July.


  • No major issues.
  • Authentication testing on TEST not yet complete; awaiting further checks to determine if behaviour is as expected.
  • Biobank functionality has been requested however the Project Board agreed that the focus remains on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the initial Phase 1 launch and therefore anything more than the current available functionality is out of scope and if necessary expectations will be set again with RDSVS staff and FNS.


Next Steps

  • Pilot of Provet Cloud alongside Tristan for Equine and Farm (w/c 10/07/17)
  • Review project plan, timeline, estimates for next Project Board w/c 10/07/17.
  • Review budget, resourcing, timeline and milestones.

The project current status is AMBER due to the Phase 1 launch being pushed back to fit in better with RDSVS staff availability and preparation for the launch.



CMVM Reporting and data intelligence


  • None





Report completed by Mark Hay for June 2017 (on behalf of PM)

Achievements in last period

  • None


  • The project Sponsor has time limitations resulting in delays and priority changes.

Next Steps

  • Ongoing - Review need for a full time Project Manager 




Report completed by Jens Brincker for June 2017


  • SharePoint induction training has been completed
  • Positive feedback received from participants
  • SharePoint follow up meeting to discuss next steps
  • At meeting Portfolio Manager requested reset of project


  • In light of reports of increased importance of SharePoint throughout the MVM IT Projects Portfolio the Portfolio manager has decided to reset the project. 

Next Steps

  • Decide on Governance, steering, working group and structure
  • Decide on members, roles and responsibilities
  • Contact Project Services to ask for a dedicated Project Manager
  • Find appropriate project sponsor
  • Create communications plan and stakeholder list
  • Create CMVM Intranet/SharePoint vison/strategy document
  • Review the proposed closure of MVM519

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects (For legacy information)

Project Info Project Managers Commentary
MVM009 Closed
MVM512 [DRAFT] Project reached end of requirement


Section Five: Programme Managers Notes

Programme Managers Notes

MVM519. A request has been processed to the Portfolio Manager to consider the closure of this project as the scope and brief of the original project has changed significantly enough for project to be closed and a new one created with the revised scope and brief.

Mark Hay


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