Report for August 2018

Report Date
August 2018


Report by Mark Hay, MVMBUS Programme Manager.

for Jim Nisbet MVMBUS Programme Owner.

CMVM Head of IT (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)  


  • Campus / Deanery meetings.
  • College Operations Group (COG) meeting
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Managers Commentary

MVM508 [CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation]

This project steps closer to completion with minor slippage on delivery date. New Milestone to be set for marking close to completion in delivering cloud printting to the Chancellors.

MVM509 [Implementation of Vet Practice Management System]

Concerns over UAT, Timeline and some background security. Also highlighting we have some single points of failure it the current Tristan support model

MVM522 [MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery]

Project turned RED with ongoing issues taking forward for development. 

MVM523 [Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management]

Project moved back to suspended. Will be reopened for reporting in December 2018

MVM525 [Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School]

Ongoing issues with costing of procurement and its delivery.  Amber



Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info   Programme Manager's Commentary


CMVM College IT communications strategy This project will be placed under review in Q3 2018
MVM503 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio This project will be placed under review in Q3 2018
MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Linked primarily CIS002 - Oct 2016 - MVM518 - This project will be placed under review in Q3 2018
MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development This project will be placed under review in Q3 2018
MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development This project will be placed under review in Q3 2018


IS - Honours Project Portal move to central resources Currently at the review stage by Programme Manager - Agreement to move forward - More detailed report for Q4
Active Projects

[MVM508]: CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation


  • Printer in C.3.30 delivered and installed
  • Clinical Surgery Rm F3307 ordered


  • None to report

Next Steps

  • Waiting on 1 QMRI printer in  September
  • Meeting with Chancellors Admin in order to get one building Printer.

[MVM509Implementation of Vet Practice Management System RAG is AMBER

Achievements in Last Period

  • Adam now facilitating weekly meetings between FNS and super users in Labs / Reception / Accounts / Pharmacy / DI.
  • Regular project management sessions  with FNS being re-established post Business Lead change / Senior User annual leave.
  • FNS have delivered most main features for HFSA, with no major showstoppers; Must Do functionality currently available for review / testing include Discount management, Internal referrals, Clinical notes, Discharge notes, Student note log, batch numbers for Counter Sales, Microbiology results approval, Diagnostic Imaging from linked appointments, several accounting modifications.
  • Confirmation that the session settings can be set and locked down in the kiosk browsers to ensure that the University’s security policy can be enforced.
  • FNS now committed to launch of Provet Cloud in HFSA in November. Delivery to be done in 2 tranches of features: MVP1 and MVP2 w/c 27/08/18 and 17/09/18 to enable R(D)SVS staff to test features, feed back to FNS and allow sufficient time for rework as required for November launch.


  • Concerns remain on availability of key staff to cover critical aspects of the project especially coordinating UAT; Sue Murphy is aware of this so no escalation necessary at this stage.
  • Security issue impacting on the launch in HFSA (see item 27); Senior Supplier dealing with this issue; no escalation required at this point.
  • Further extensions to the project timeline will require additional budget for IS Apps effort; PM and Senior Supplier will discuss with Project Sponsor, no escalation necessary at this stage.

Next Steps

  • Working to revised plan: R(D)SVS staff to complete testing (coordinated by Business Lead) of MVP1 and MVP2 features ahead of a Go / No Go decision in October for the HFSA launch in November.
  • Review project plan, timeline, estimates for next Project Board 20/09/18.
  • Review budget, resourcing, timeline and milestones.


[MVM522MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery  RAG is RED


  • Received quote from one external vendor
  • Zhejiang removed from scope and a new project is being created to support that requests - MVM526
  • Scheduled project working group update meeting in early September


  • Progress stalled on all SharePoint elements

Next Steps

  • Present to project working group and set priorities - target induction, golden source identification and continue to break out elements where possible


[MVM523]Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management

No report required  

[MVM525Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School

Achievements This Period

  • Re planning completed, to be QA by IS Apps governance.

  • Further workshops have been arranged.

  • Weekly Team meetings continuing


Next Steps

  • Continue with Requirements gathering

  • Project Board meeting to take place on 13 September 2018. 


Section Four: Closed, Withdrawn or Suspended Projects (For legacy information)


Project Info Project Managers Commentary
MVM009 Closed
MVM512 Closed
MVM513 Closed
MVM519 Closed
MVM501 Closed


Project Info Programme Managers comments
[MVM511] CMVM College WWW Presence development Withdrawn
[MVM717] CMVM Developing the CMVM Intranet environment Withdrawn
[MVM521] Scientific Linux 7 (SL7) - Psychiatry Withdrawn
[MVM504] CMVM Digitisation of paper records Withdrawn
[MVM506] CMVM Reporting and data intelligence Withdrawn
[MVM503] CMVM Corporate Business Services review Withdrawn


Project Info Programme Managers comments
[MVM523] Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management Project suspended until December 2019



Not available.