Report for February 2019

Report Date
February 2019


Report by Mark Hay, MVMBUS Programme Manager.

for Jim Nisbet MVMBUS Programme Owner.

CMVM Head of IT (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)  


  • Campus / Deanery meetings.
  • College Operations Group (COG) meeting
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Managers Commentary

MVM509 [Implementation of Vet Practice Management System]

The project is now reaching the final stage leading towards closure. 

MVM522 [MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery]

Progress of this project is being hampered by the ability to deliver support for the service.  The Programme board have requested clarity on next steps with a view to understanding the options to continue at it's own pace to deliver this much needed services.  Project at request of board moved to RED

MVM523 [Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management]

PM has produced report. Closure will take place on next publish event. 

MVM525 [Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School]

Project now being progressed to closure. It is hoped this will take place in the next review. 

MVM526 [Zhejiang Institute Repository ]

Small progress made this month but consensus on phase 1 being met. 




Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info   Programme Manager's Commentary


CMVM College IT communications strategy

Review to take place on validity

MVM503 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio

Review to take place on validity

MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Review to take place on validity
MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development Review to take place on validity
MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development Review to take place on validity


IS - Honours Project Portal move to central resources


Following meeting with the key stakeholders involved.

Whilst identifying the key risks of this project are the development, process and desicion making elements. The risk is such currently that it does not present a significant riks to the the service overall. It was agreed that due to a number of time changes that will significantly impact any progression of this project for 2019/20 to remove this project in February and set up a new project with a new brief based around seeking out alternative products and or taking a ground up approach to the service. It was agreed that rather than review the back end and front end presentations it would be more beneficial in the long term to project manage the 'service' itself. 


February- New start date initiated.

Active Projects - *ALL PM's - Please DO NOT publish - Save only.
[MVM509Implementation of Vet Practice Management System RAG is AMBER

Achievements in Last Period

  • Internal work on Gap-analysis (Procurement requirements vs Dec 2018 delivery) not yet complete; business aiming to complete w/c 04/03/19 in order to have a more detailed prioritisation meeting with the supplier.
  • Work on locally replicated Provet database instance in progress; data transfer cannot be tested as scripts not provided by FNS despite several requests.
  • Business rules for UoE user feed agreed with business and submitted to FNS in jira for estimation and costing (rules to be implemented on the Provet side) along with related requirements to improve admin and user management for the business, to assist transition to full service.
  • UoE user feed application ready for testing - awaiting response from FNS on testing strategy.
  • Prioritisation meeting scheduled for 12 March (UoE / FNS).
  • PM has reminded the Project Board that project closure was scheduled for the start of March and this has now passed; additional Project Board scheduled for 21 March to agree revised plan and route to implementation project closure.


  • No major issues. However, there is overhead keeping the project open while the business prioritise next steps and this is affecting PM availability.
  • PM effort used in coordinating AWS migration (not in project scope) with supplier at request of PB, and on adhoc user admin (mainly VTO requests), neither of which were agreed in budget; PM has escalated this to the Project Board.
  • Revised Milestones now need to agreed based on business's priorities. Revised budget (agreed October 2018) about to be used up. Escalated to Project Board.

Next Steps

  • Complete gap analysis, business to prioritise.
  • Complete setup of locally replicated Provet database instance; progress rules for Automated User Feed.
  • Review project plan, timeline, estimates for next scheduled Project Board.
  • Agree outstanding criteria for implementation project closure and what to be carried to a separate service improvement project.
  • Agree service transition tasks.
  • Close implementation project.
[MVM523]Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management


  • Full project report has been written


  • None

Next steps

  • Closure of project
[MVM522MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery  RAG is RED


  • Minimal progress locally by IGMM and Academic Admin


  • SharePoint resource availability - Service Management delivering a health check and recommendation early 2019
  • All project milestones are under review and will be determined in early 2019 at a re-planning meeting - MVM and PM meeting March 6
  • The project is unable to re-plan until receipt of a health check and recommendation which was due in January, and now will be March 22. After that date MVM are seeking permission to own their site and develop it themselves.

Next Steps

  • Clarify access to SharePoint and MVM resource
  • Review milestones and re-plan
  • Maintain engagement with IGMM and Academic Admin


[MVM525Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School RAG is AMBER

Achievements this period

Project Closure 

  • In preparation for a project review meeting scheduled for 11th March, a report has been produced and outlines 

    • a brief review of the project to-date 

    • lessons learned 

    • recommendations for any subsequent project 


  • None 

Next Steps 

  • Project review meeting on the 11th March 
  • Project Closure 
[MVM526] Zhejiang Institute Repository RAG is AMBER

Achievements this period

  • BMTO colleagues were unavailable in February, but the team have agreed to deliver an update on material to migrate

  • SharePoint resource is being sought to support migration activity in March to target completion of phase 1


  • Reduced BMTO access

Next steps

  • Review phase 1 status plan to identify and migrate content in March

  • Review Phase 2 and 3 alongside clarification of access to SharePoint resource - proposal will be to pause and consider new projects


Section Four: Closed, Withdrawn or Suspended Projects (For legacy information)


Project Info Project Managers Commentary
MVM009 Closed
MVM512 Closed
MVM513 Closed
MVM519 Closed
MVM501 Closed


Project Info Programme Managers comments
[MVM511] CMVM College WWW Presence development Withdrawn
[MVM717] CMVM Developing the CMVM Intranet environment Withdrawn
[MVM521] Scientific Linux 7 (SL7) - Psychiatry Withdrawn
[MVM504] CMVM Digitisation of paper records Withdrawn
[MVM506] CMVM Reporting and data intelligence Withdrawn
[MVM503] CMVM Corporate Business Services review Withdrawn


Project Info Programme Managers comments



Not available.