Report for August 2016

Report Date
August 2016

MVM Programme Report for Portfolio Owner Paul Clark

Programme Owner Jim Nisbet

Programme Manager Mark Hay

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update  

Overall Programme RAG: GREEN

The programme starts with projects carry forward from 15/16 as the new 16/17 projects are undergoing review and prioritisation by programme owner and manager, before resourcing from MVM, APPS and other ISG divisions.

MVM009 remains a serious concern, as a satisifactory outcome of the procurement that will minimise risk to the service diminishes as time passes.




Application Projects Only


Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary
MVM009 (AP56-905)

Tristan Replacement - Procurement

Category: Funded



(NB this revised timeline is provisional, to be agreed by Project Sponsor and Project Board 13/09/16)

13-Sep-2016Award Recommendation
14-Sep-2016Award Letter
02-Nov-2016Contract Signed

RAG Status



Report completed by Colin Watt for August 2016


Achievements in Last Period

  • Additional Project Board met 21/07/16 to reconvene and discuss resolution of outstanding issues; some actions carried forward.
  • Next scheduled Project Board met 10/08/16 and agreed that reference site visits could be carried out for all suppliers to see the in-patient functionality in use, and to seek supplier character references, with a view to re-convening w/c12/09/16 and reaching a decision.
  • Reference site visit (Supplier 1) completed 29/08/16.
  • Reference site visit (Supplier 2) scheduled 12/09/16.
  • Next Project Board meeting scheduled 13/09/16.
  • Major Project Governance Assessment Toolkit survey ready to issue to Project Team, Project Board, and Subject Matter Experts, pending decision on award of contract.



  • Supplier 1 functionality (in-patient functionality in clinical scenario); supplier 2 timeline (both issues reported in previous month); Project Board 10/08/16 agreed the following actions to resolve these issues:
    • Reference site visits
    • Documentation of requirements gap on in-patient functionality; Procurement to request Supplier 1 respond to commit to delivering on functionality by launch, consistent with the approach taken on password encryption (Supplier 2) and accessibility shortcomings (Supplier 1 and Supplier 2), and impact on cost and timeline.
    • Procurement to contact Supplier 2 for more detail on implementation timeline (at same time as contacting Supplier 1 on timeline, for fairness and consistency).


Next Steps

  • Agree revised timeline and milestones (agree with Project Board 13/09/16)
  • Further discussions with suppliers over proposed implementation timelines under guidance of Procurement Manager.
  • Prepare recommendation for Project Board.
  • Review risks with Project Board.
  • Review budget and resourcing.


The project current status is RED due to further delay reaching decision,  but with a revised timeline agreed this should move to GREEN next month.

MVM010 (AP56-033)

CMVM and LTW Lecture Capture Pilot

Category: Discretionary



30-Sep-2016Installation Complete
28-Oct-2016Requirements Review

RAG Status


Report completed by Colin Forrest on behalf of Paul Clark for August 2016


Achievements in the last period

  • The installation of the equipment required to run Panopto has been continuing.  Three rooms are now operational and being actively used. Update - 11th of August.
  • The project work is being undertaken by the Computing Support Team who operate on behalf of MVM.
  • All the equipment has been purchased.


  • Several of the key stakeholders on this CMVM / LTW Panopto pilot will be conflicted by their participation in the Lecture Capture Procurement which is in its planning phase.  These stakeholders include our Sponsor, PM (this was to be picked up after three months Shared Parental Leave by Colin Forrest) and key stakeholders from LTW and HSS.
  • This conflict and the current Shared Parental Leave of the Sponsor means the current team are not in a position to collate and report on the feedback from users within MVM.

Next steps

  • When our Sponsor returns in the w/b 05th of September we will review the outcomes of the pilot and plan the remainder of the project accordingly.

  • The milestones have been revised and we will report again for governance during the month of September.

  • Alan Gilchrist and Gary Blackie will continue to progress the pilot installation and also continue to identify local champions at each location.



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects



Project InfoProject Managers Commentary




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