September 2016

Report Date
September 2016

MVM Programme Report for Portfolio Owner Paul Clark

Programme Owner Jim Nisbet

Programme Manager Mark Hay

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Overall Programme RAG: GREEN

The programme has moved into its second month including the projects carried forward from 15/16 as the new 16/17. 

Two new projects are coming onstream [MVM512, MVM513] and are currently in the stages of brief development,

Levels of concern still exist on MVM009.

Confirmation from the Project Manager for MVM010 - The project is reaching closure.

MVM518 has been initiated - Will supply a further update in Octobers reports as the Programme Manager was unable to access the CIS002 project to review the details

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info   Programme Manager's Commentary
MVM502 CMVM College IT communications strategy This project is due to start in 2017
MVM503 CMVM Corporate Business Services review  
MVM504 CMVM Digitisation of paper records Mid 2017 - Likely to proceed after MVM508
MVM505 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio  
MVM506 CMVM Reporting and data intelligence Requirements to be defined - Jan 2017 start
MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Linked primarily CIS002 - Oct 2016 - MVM518
MVM508 CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation This project is a follow on from MVM008 - It is due for actioning Oct 16 with production of Project Brief.
MVM509 Vets Practice Management System (PMS) strategy and project  
MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development Feb 2017
MVM511 CMVM College WWW Presence development Mar 2017
MVM512 CMVM Space Management IT Development This project has a PM and the brief is being drawn up - to start Oct 16
MVM513 IS - Remodelling of IS Support for Psychiatry IS lead project - Oct 16 requirement. This has been identified as a high priority project in need of a PM - Details to follow in next months report
MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development Long term project kick off early 2017
MVM515 CMVM H&S Compliance recording for training records Due to start late Oct
MVM516 IS - Honours Project Portal move to central resources SBMS led requirement - Jan 2017 
MVM517 CMVM Developing the CMVM Intranet environment  
MVM518 CMVM Resilient Link to the BioQuarter  

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary
MVM009 (AP56-905)

Tristan Replacement - Procurement

Category: Funded



(NB this revised timeline was discussed at the Project Board 13/09/16 but is now subject to change as it was not agreed - a further Project Board has been scheduled for 12/10/16)

13-Sep-2016 Award Recommendation
14-Sep-2016 Award Letter
02-Nov-2016 Contract Signed
18-Nov-2016 Closure
RAG Status


Report completed by Colin Watt for September 2016


Achievements in Last Period

  • Reference site visit (Supplier 2) completed 12/09/16.
  • Project Board met 13/09/16 and discussed outcome of customer reference site visits for supplier 1 and supplier 2.
  • Next Project Board meeting scheduled 12/10/16.



  • Due to late apologies, attendance at Project Board 13/09/16 was short of the quorum for permanent staff representing the Royal Dick school of Veterinary Studies, so could not reach agreement on awarding to either supplier 1 or supplier 2; instead, a determination was reached that the procurement be halted and a solution negotiated. Procurement were to check on legal position before proceeding.
  • Following the meeting, two members of the Project Board separately escalated concerns on this approach to IS CIO Gavin McLachlan.
  • Gavin met with David Argyle w/c 19/09/16 to discuss the concerns raised and this resulted in Gavin meeting a wider group of IS Apps and Procurement staff on 27/09/16 to discuss options and associated risks in more detail; a Project Board is arranged for 12/10/16, which David Argyle will chair, in order to reach consensus.


Next Steps

  • Agree revised timeline and milestones (agree with Project Board 12/10/16)
  • Further discussions with suppliers over proposed implementation timelines under guidance of Procurement Manager.
  • Prepare recommendation for Project Board.
  • Review risks with Project Board.
  • Review budget and resourcing.

The project current status is RED due to further delay reaching decision,  but with an agreed approach and revised timeline agreed 12/10/16 this should move to GREEN next month.

MVM512 CMVM Space Management IT Development


To be defined




Report completed by Sarfraz Mohammed for September 2016


  • Project Sponsor identified
  • Contact with technical providor initiated
  • Demonstration held to stakeholders
  • Project Manager identified



Non to report

Next steps

Project bried to be written

MVM010 CMVM and LTW Lecture Capture Pilot


30-Nov-2016   Closure



Achievements in the last period

  • Camera and audio equipment has been deployed in Easter Bush, Little France (Chancellors and QMRI) and the Western General.
  • Local champions in each area have been nominated.  They will help to support new users of the system.
  • Due to issues of conflict of interest for some project staff the feedback stage of the pilot must be cancelled.  An agreement was reached with the Project Sponsor, Programme Owner and Project Manager that this project should be closed as it has been superseded by the Lecture Recording Procurement (MLE002).  The Lecture Recording Procurement includes MVM rooms.


  • No unresolved issues.

Next Steps

  • Project closure.

MVM507 Lease standardisation and tenant IT service entitlement

(see also

At the time of writing of this report there was no update from the Project Manager - This was due to Annual Leave and time retraints on the Programme Manager to update this report

Please refer to the project directly for  report information.

MVM513 has been accepted and request has been made for an IS App Project Manager to Oversee this project - This has been agreed in principal.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary





Not available.