This programme provides information on all Business Administration projects managed by MVM for session 21/22.

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) IT Portfolio comprises three area of work: Business Administration, Learning and Teaching, and Research, to implement the IT strategy supporting the transformational objectives of the CMVM IT Strategy 2019-22, as well as the work to maintain and grow existing services from central IT and within colleges and schools.

In order to start a new in-year project in the Business Administration area, please fill in the following Proposal Template and submit it Mark Hay or Jim Nisbet.

For cross colleges activities, please see the Cross Colleges Portfolio.

Programme Owner Jim Nisbet
Programme Manager Mark Hay
Lead Project Manager

Sarfraz Mohammed, Jens Brincker

Project Services Programme Manager Muriel Mewissen


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
August 2021 AMBER
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
MVM502 CMVM College IT communications strategy Mark Hay Withdrawn Close
MVM503 CMVM Corporate Business Services review February 2017 Jim Nisbet Withdrawn Close
MVM505 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio Jens Brincker Withdrawn Initiate
MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Mark Hay Not Started Initiate
MVM508 CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation BLUE November 2018 Sarfraz Mohammed Closed Close
MVM509 Implementation of Vet Practice Management System BLUE June 2020 Colin Watt Closed Close
MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development Mark Hay Withdrawn Close
MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development Mark Hay Withdrawn Close
MVM520 UoE Staff card printing facility at the BioQuarter Sarfraz Mohammed Withdrawn Close
MVM522 MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery BLUE July 2019 Paul De'Ath Closed Close
MVM523 Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management BLUE March 2019 Jens Brincker Closed Close
MVM525 Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School BLUE March 2019 Andrew Stewart Closed Close
MVM526 Zhejiang Institute Repository BLUE July 2019 Paul De'Ath Closed Close


Not available.