Report for April 2019

Report Date
April 2019



Report by Muriel Mewissen on behalf of Alan Gilchrist (MVMLAT Programme Managers) for Philippa Burrell (MVMLAT Programme Owner) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)


  • Vet and Medical School sub-group IT meeting
  • College Administration Team (CAT) meeting
  • College Undergraduate Learning and Teaching (CULT) committee
  • Post Graduate Learning and Teaching (PGLTC) committee
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


During April, two new projects were started:

Most projects are progressing according to plan with a couple of projects in the deliver stage and expected to reach closure next month:

There is one project reporting a RED RAG status:

  • MVM130 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2018/19 where refurbishment works in WGH managed by the Estates department are scheduled to complete on the Friday before start of term leaving no room for contingency. Mitigation is in place to allow other preparation work (i.e. AV installation) to take place in parallel to the building work. Plan for alternative teaching locations is also being explored as a contingency plan.

Because of this risk and the potential impact on start of term, the overall status of the MVMLAT programme is AMBER.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Forward Look - April 2019


Section Two: Projects Not Started

The  un-prioritised projects from last session were reviewed at Programme Review Monthly Meeting - August & September 2018. Two projects were no longer relevant and have been withdrawn.

The remaining projects below were expected to start in 2018/19. However, due to competing priorities and lack of capacity in MVM, starting these may have to be pushed back to next session.

Project Programme Manager's Commentary
MVM102 Innovative Technology review TBC
MVM106: Student Print Strategy TBC
MVM109 Technology to support communications with potential students. TBC
MVM110 Technology to support Open Educational Resources (OER) TBC
MVM113 Technology to support student portfolios TBC


Section Three: Projects in Progress

MVM Learning and Teaching Projects Update

MVM112: Technology to support simulation teaching - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Alan Gilchrist

Achievements this period

  • Further discussions have taken place with procurement around the procurement and lifecycle of manikins.

Next Steps

  • Continue development of Simulated Patient database.
  • Discuss next steps of replacing manikins with procurement and then complete tender.
  • Create an initial draft report outlining the University’s simulation equipment currently available within the Chancellor’s Building Clinical Skills Centre and WGH MEC.  Include proposed maintenance costs, annual recurring costs and replacement cycles.

MVM125: Connectivity - Off-campus 2018/19 - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Alan Gilchrist

Achievements this period

  • Nothing to report due to other priorities.

Next Steps

  • Create a suitable PC build configuration for the PAEP library and install on the computers on site.
  • Chase up meeting with NHS Lanarkshire IT staff.
  • Confirm what 1 year service contract with Khipu would include and what happens after that year.

MVM126 Upgrading of student computer labs, teaching and meeting room PCs 2018/19 - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Alan Gilchrist

Achievements this period

  • PCs for the Dental Institute have been delivered and should be installed by the end of the month.  Old PCs will be getting repurposed for the staff Windows 10 migration.
  • The majority of the PCs for the Western General Medical Education Centre have been delivered and the remaining should be delivered just before the refurbishment of the space starts.
  • Purchase order has been raised for the Vet School PCs.

Next Steps

  • Receive remaining PCs for the Western General Medical Education Centre.  Installation will be during August, just prior to the centre reopening.
  • Receive PCs for the Vet School.

MVM129 Support for OSCEs in Practique for MBChB - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Paul De'Ath

Achievements this period

  • Delivered a presentation on MMI from Fry-IT to MBChB and the MVM admissions team
  • Scanner now at the Vet school
  • Agreed with the project team that all deliverables from the project were complete and we could prepare for closure


  • N/A, all risks closed

Next Steps

  • Prepare to close the project in early June

MVM130 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2018/19 - RAG Status: RED

Report by Alan Gilchrist

Achievements this period

  • The design paperwork has been completed and the AV contractor has been set for the Vet School rooms.  The contractor will be assisting with finding a suitable solution for the camera mount in G.45.
  • The AV contractor has been set for the Kennedy Tower Lecture Theatre upgrade.
  • The final design of the Western General Medical Education Centre has been set and the AV requirements have been updated to align with this.
  • The removal of existing AV equipment in the Western General Medical Education Centre has begun and will be completed in early May.  AV contractors have been made aware of the work and one will be appointed in early May for their work to begin at the start of August.  NHS IT have been made aware of the refurbishment work and been provided with documentation outlining the numbers and locations of new network and phone ports (these will be run to their switches).
  • Engie costs have been returned for 2 of the Clinical Skills rooms and authority to proceed has been given for these. 


  • The appointment of the main building contractor for the Western General Hospital Medical Education Centre hasn't taken place yet, so concern is being raised as to when the work will start and when the refurbishment will be complete.  The timeline is set for completion handover back to the University on Friday 23rd August and teaching begins again on Monday 26th August, so there is no leeway.
  • Still waiting for engie costs to be returned for 5 rooms.

Next Steps

  • Arrange suitable dates for upgrades of Chancellor's Building rooms once engie have responded to the minor works order requests.
  • Appoint AV contractor to the Western General Medical Education Centre refurbishment project and introduce them to the main building contractor (once they are appointed).

MVM131: Migration of 12 applications developed in Biomedical Sciences to central support - Analysis & Strategy - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Geoff Cropley

Achievements this period

  • Estimates and options for the applications being take-on by IS have been accepted and the future direction is known.
  • A project will be commissioned in 2019-2020 to bring the applications into IS management and support


  • None

Next Steps

  • Project closure
MVM132 MBChB ranking reports in BI Suite  - RAG Status: GREEN
Report by Paul De'Ath

Achievements this period

  • Started the new project, Initiate and Planning - brief approved by project team and ISG governance


  • N/A, all new risks raised at project commencement

Next Steps

  • Schedule a project team meeting in late May to assess progress
MVM133 CMVM Curriculum Mapping Tool - Requirements - RAG Status: GREEN
Report by Kevin Hone

Achievements this period

  • Project initiated on 26 April 2019.
  • Meetings to gather requirements have been held with the two co-sponsors.
  • A draft Project Brief has been issued for initial review. 


  • The Business Analyst is about to go on annual leave so progress on requirements will be placed on hold. The project plan does take this absence into account so solely for awareness.

Next Steps

  • To seek Project Brief sign-off and conclude the planning phase.
  • To document project requirements in terms of desired features sought in a curriculum mapping tool.

MVM Portfolio Projects Update

MVM522: MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Paul De'Ath


  • Academic Admin site has continued to develop
  • Project team are processing new scope and milestones seeking agreement in May
  • Review of existing collegemvm completed
  • Review of cmvm site ongoing


  • No new

Next Steps

  • Re-plan

Projects outwith the MVM Portfolio Update

Report by Alan Gilchrist and Anne-Marie Scott (LTW):

P0267: The EEMeC Administration Migration Project - RAG Status: GREEN

A number of issues related to content within the VLE have been identified post-migration. A report has been provided to the Programme Director, Head of School and College Registrar summarising the issues.

Given the GMC visit in early November, additional resource has been made available to the College. Staff from LTW are spending time based in Little France and are offering one-to-one sessions with academic colleagues to check links, tidy formatting and other changes as required. 16 sessions have been booked.

Discussions with Library and University Collections colleagues have agreed how best to manage Leganto Resources Lists for the MBChB. First content has been added to the Knowledge Hub site.

P0264: The eeSurg VLE Migration Project - RAG Status: GREEN

Knowledge base main pages now migrated and with academic team for checking. Knowledge base 140 'orphan' pages identified and ESSQ team have confirmed which pages to be migrated.

Course prototype reviewed by Project Board 28 Aug. Second prototype (Academic Surgery) populated. Reviewed and signed off at Programme Board on 06 November. Focus is now on gathering content to be migrated via Word documents. Content will be added to Learn as web content. Academic team raised the potential for additional support in their team required during this process. Will monitor and flag if it becomes an issue. Academic team to discuss with College Office process around issuing tutors with EASE credentials for access to the VLE.

DTP001: Apps to User Devices - RAG Status: GREEN

Project board has agreed that we will look to launch the service in Summer 2019, with first student groups using the service from start of Semester September 2019.  The project and college teams are to focus on completing functional testing as soon as possible, with further phase of performance testing to follow once 10Gb network and technical testing activities have concluded.  The service name is to change from AppsAnywhere and we are looking to have final name chosen by end of February to allow for the necessary changes to be made to projects materials and artefacts (e.g. logos, training videos etc).

MLE003: Lecture Recording Implementation - RAG Status: CLOSED

The first phase launch of Media Hopper Replay is complete and the project will be moving to closure. 138 rooms were equipped for September 2017 and a number of CMVM rooms were prioritised during the rollout.  Use in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences is increasing. The School of Medicine were not historic users of the previous service and the second phase of the project will be focussed on supported expanded use in such Schools. There are some particular challenges in the School related to confidential content and the level of access in Learn which will be the focus of the next phase in terms of support.

MVM123: Vet School Timetabling and Room Booking Migration - RAG Status: CLOSED

Project was closed in September 2018.

MVM128: Edinburgh Medical School Timetabling and Room Booking Migration - RAG Status: CLOSED

Project was closed in March 2019. The Closure Report is available to view.

HSS020: CAHSS WAM Extended Pilot - RAG Status: CLOSED

  • This project was started in September 2017 and was closed on the 28 September 2018. The Closure Report is available to view.

HSS022: CAHSS WAM Deployment  - RAG Status: GREEN

  • Business School, School of Economics and School of Social and Political Science

    • Business School - Some actions from UAT are pending with both Ann and Simitive
    • Economics - Now live
    • School of Social and Political Science - The change request has been approved and work is scheduled for the gap analysis and build. 
  • College of Art and Centre for Open Learning

    • College of Art - History of Art is pending response from Kirsty to resolve the final UAT amends. All other subject areas have now been completed and I will be sending the import template today. 
    • Open Learning - UAT amends have been submitted via Managed Service.
  • Training

    • Allocator training is scheduled for the morning of 21st May 2019.

Other Updates

ISG Innovation fund

Project funding allocations have been made and decisions are being communicated. A list should be available for future meetings.

TEL049: VLE Minimum Standards - RAG Status: RED

Paper has been sent to Senate LTC 15 November meeting outlining the scope of the project. Project manager has been assigned and project brief will be available on Projects website shortly. This will be a multi-year project.

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
MVM121: Reporting of Assessment Outcomes for External Bodies This project was started in May 2017 and was closed on the 22 March 2019. The Closure Report is available to view.
MVM127: Upgrading of teaching spaces 2017/18  This project was started in February 2018 and was closed on the 28 September 2018. The Closure Report is available to view.
MVM105: Strategy for the upgrade of our teaching spaces (annual) This project was started in September 2016 and was closed on the 28 September 2018. The Completion Report is available to view.

Section Five: Programme Meeting Minutes



19 April 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - February & March 2019
15 January 2019  
4 December 2018  
2 November 2018 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - October 2018
27 September 2018 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - August & September 2018

Programme Info


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