August 2016

Report Date
August 2016

MVM Programme Report for Portfolio Owner Paul Clark

Programme Owner Sheila Lodge

Programme Manager Alan Gilchrist


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update  

Overall Programme RAG: GREEN

The programme starts with projects carry forward from 15/16 as the new 16/17 projects are undergoing review and prioritisation by programme owner and manager, before resourcing from MVM, APPS and other ISG divisions.



Application Projects Only


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


Suspended pending resourcing

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary


Speedwell Service Implementation



20-Sep-2016 Acceptance Review
05-Oct-2016 Delivery
19-Oct-2016 Deployment Review
16-Nov-2016 Closure

RAG Status


Report completed by Tim Gray for July 2016


Achievements this period

  • Phase 2: Build Integration completed
  • Phase 2: Load testing in progress
  • Phase 3: Meeting with Speedwell scheduled for September


  • An serious issue has emerged with the current supported version 1.4, where exams may show/report wrong data. Speedwell report that this has been fixed in version 1.5. 

Next Steps

  • Apply version 1.5 to all environments
  • Phase 2: Complete load testing
  • Phase 2: Retest and complete UAT for version 1.5
  • Start SLA/OLA


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary
MVM023 Zhejiang joint campus






Programme Info


Not available.