This programme provides information on all Learning and Teaching projects managed by MVM for session 21/22.

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) IT Portfolio comprises three area of work: Business Administration, Learning and Teaching, and Research, to implement the IT strategy supporting the transformational objectives of the  CMVM IT Strategy 2019-22, as well as the work to maintain and grow existing services from central IT and within colleges and schools.

In order to start a new in-year project in the Learning and Teaching area, please fill in the following Proposal Template and submit it Alan Gilchrist or Mark Hay.

For cross colleges activities, please see the Cross Colleges Portfolio.

Programme Owner Philippa Burrell
Programme Manager Susan Ridder-Patrick


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
May 2024 RED
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
MVM125 Connectivity - Off-campus BLUE October 2021 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
MVM126 Upgrading of student computer labs 2018/19 BLUE June 2019 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
MVM127 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2017/18 BLUE September 2018 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
MVM130 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2018/19 BLUE October 2019 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
MVM103 Mobile Device Management Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Close
MVM116 Video strategy Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Close
MVM102 Innovative Technology review Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Initiate
MVM105 Strategy for the upgrade of our teaching spaces (annual) BLUE September 2018 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
MVM106 Student print strategy Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Initiate
MVM109 Technology to support communications with potential students. Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Initiate
MVM110 Technology to support Open Educational Resources (OER) Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Initiate
MVM113 Technology to support student portfolios Alan Gilchrist Withdrawn Initiate
MVM112 Technology to support simulation teaching BLUE September 2020 Alan Gilchrist Closed Close
mvm132 MBChB ranking reports in BI Suite BLUE July 2020 Susan Ridder-Patrick Closed Close
MVM129 Support for OSCEs in Practique for MBChB BLUE June 2019 Paul De'Ath Closed Close
MVM121 Reporting of assessment outcomes to external bodies BLUE March 2019 Paul De'Ath Closed Close
MVM131 Migration of 12 applications developed in Biomedical Sciences to central support - Analysis & Strategy BLUE June 2019 Geoff Cropley Closed Close
MVM516 BMS - Honours Project Portal Future Support BLUE October 2020 Andrew Millington Closed Close
MVM134 MBChB Evaluation System BLUE March 2020 Andrew Millington Closed Close
MVM133 CMVM Curriculum Mapping Tool - Requirements BLUE August 2019 Kevin Hone Closed Close


Not available.