Report for August 2019

Report Date
August 2019


Report by Muriel Mewissen on behalf of David Perry and Anthony Davie (MVMRes Programme Managers), for Charles ffrench-Constant and Paul McGuire (MVMRes Programme Owners), Sheila Fraser (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)

  • Institute IT meetings / Service Review meetings.
  • College Research Support Network (RSN) meeting.
  • College Research Committee
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


The new 2019/20 session starts with six ongoing projects.  Two projects have a green status:

Two projects have an AMBER status due to delay in closure tasks:

One project is suspended:

There is currently no new project identified to start in 2019/20.

The overall status of the MVMRes programme is AMBER.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Forward Look - August 2019


Section Two: Projects Not Started

No additional project has been identified to start this session.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

 MVM302: Compute and High Performance Compute Strategy - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Anthony Davie

Achievements this period

  • New project manager assigned from MVMRES (Anthony Davie)


  • continued delay in finalising report with inclusion of feedback due to lack of PM availability.

Next Steps

  • New PM to pick-up previous project status and progress with Portfolio owner.
  • Mid Sept '19, presentation on project by PM to wider project stakeholders through College Group (CMVM Research Computing Group).
  • Collate and review feedback from CMVM RSG, adapt into project deliverables and disseminate for final sign-off
  • Look to publish deliverables and create project closure report.
  • Move to close project.

MVM305: Flexible Server hosting  - RAG Status: SUSPENDED

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • None, project is currently suspended


  • New PM to be recruited into Easter Bush MVM team

Next Steps

  • Status to be reviewed once new PM is in place.

MVM308: Research computing induction - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Susan Ridder-Patrick

Achievements this period

  • Project was re-started with Susan & Tahira Akbar. Meeting agreed next steps, and the action's with Susan to draft the brief


  • Delay in completion of planning - brief to be drafted but PM currently on compassionate leave

Next Steps

  • Complete planning

MVM311: CMVM Data Storage Strategy - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • Project closure delayed by the Sponsor to allow presentation and feedback to be gathered at the research group meeting in August.


Next Steps

  • Agree new closure date
  • Close Project

MVM314: SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Colin Watt

Achievements in Last Period


  • No major issues.
  • An issue was identified after the migration relating to a feature supported on the on-premise Tableau product which is not available on the hosted platform; this should have been identified by the supplier prior to the migration, however the SEBI team have a workaround.
  • Completion of project deliverables and closure delayed due to availability in August (PM / Applications Management / SEBI)

Next Steps

  • Agree support arrangements for MSSQLServer (OLA).
  • Decommissioning of on-premise Tableau server.
  • Close Project.

MVM316: Fragile X Registry website - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Ben Armstrong

Achievements this period

  • Stakeholders and Project Team and met initially
  • User stories have been added to the Jira site
  • A draft Project Brief, planning and estimate have been circulated for approval


  • PM (Sophie Milner) is currently off and this may delay planning / initiation activities

Next Steps

  • Confirm budget and Project timeline, splitting across financial years, with the Project Sponsor / Programme Manager
  • Agree and secure resource bookings
  • Confirm milestones
  • Agree / sign off the Project Brief and submit to WIS
  • Start to coordinate works


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

No project has been completed this session yet.


Section Five: Programme Meeting Minutes

Date Comments
24 August 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - July & August 2019
24 June 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - June 2019
23 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - May 2019
1 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - April 2019
27 March 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - March 2019
28 February 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - February 2019
29 January 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - January 2019
21 November 2018 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - November 2018
30 October 2018 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - September 2018
27 September 2018 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - August 2018
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