Report for December 2019

Report Date
December 2019


Report by Muriel Mewissen on behalf of David Perry and Anthony Davie (MVMRes Programme Managers), for Charles ffrench-Constant and Paul McGuire (MVMRes Programme Owners), Sheila Fraser (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)

  • Institute IT meetings / Service Review meetings.
  • College Research Support Network (RSN) meeting.
  • College Research Committee
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


During December, progress continued in MVM316: Fragile X Registry website with the final developments delivered this month. These will go LIVE and the website can will be launched following successful penetration tests scheduled for early January. The project is expected to close in January.

MVM308: Research computing induction has also made good progress and feedback will be thought from the Research IT Group in February.

The overall status of the MVMRes programme is GREEN.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Forward Look - December 2019


Section Two: Projects Not Started

No additional project has been identified to start this session.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

 MVM302: Compute and High Performance Compute Strategy - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Anthony Davie *** commentary from November 2019***

Achievements this period

  • Presentation on project background, progress, current status and next steps presented at CMVM Research Computing Group by PM (6th Nov '19).
  • Invite to all CMVM RCG to provide feedback within 4 weeks, then PM will collate and review required revisions
    • Sheila Fraser has set-up a CMVM RCG "team" in MS Teams, with a few channels for discussion and sharing relevant meeting content. Using this method to start a conversation to invite feedback from CMVM RCG reps, so these can be collated into one thread
    • Added task in CMVM RCG team to complete the request for feedback (completed)
  • Agreed with project governance to extend projected end date, based on sharing strategy, giving 4 weeks to invite feedback, then 3-4 weeks to collate this, fold in revisions and re-circulate to RCG and their communities.


  • Research Computing Officer/Support induction, for IS staff delayed, due to availability of colleagues. This is re-scheduled for the New Year '20.

Next Steps

  • Collate and review feedback from CMVM RCG, adapt into project deliverables and disseminate for final sign-off
  • Look to publish deliverables and create project closure report.
  • Move to close project.

MVM305: Flexible Server hosting  - RAG Status: SUSPENDED

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • None, project is currently suspended

Next Steps

  • Status to be reviewed in 2020 Q1.

MVM308: Research computing induction - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Susan Ridder-Patrick

Achievements this period

  • Review of how IS helpline have set up induction course in Learn.
  • Further refinements to the repository
  • Communications with HR partners in CMVM on current Induction materials


  • None

Next Steps

  • Sign-off of repository by project sponsor
  • Confirmation of ownership of responsibility to maintain the repository
  • Publication of repository
  • Completion of content in Learn to publicise repository
  • Communications with HR and other key College staff to promote the Induction material to researchers
  • Closure

MVM311: CMVM Data Storage Strategy - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • None


  • Programme Manager and Sponsor lack availability to complete closure

Next Steps

  • Write closure report
  • Close Project

MVM314: SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Colin Watt

Achievements this period

  • No progess due to resource conflicts (PM availability, DevTech / Production). PM to try to dedicate time to ensure outstanding tasks (support OLA and decommissioning of legacy server) are completed.


  • No major issues.
  • Completion of support arrangements and closure delayed due to availability (PM / Production Management for OLA) and DevTech (for TAD updates and handover, impacted by UCU Industrial action)

Next Steps

  • Agree support arrangements for MSSQLServer (OLA).
  • Decommissioning of on-premise Tableau server.
  • Close Project.

MVM316: Fragile X Registry website - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Kevin Hone

Achievements this Period

  • Development is now deemed complete.
  • A change record was approved to move milestone dates from the end of December to the end of January, 2020.


  • Non-availability of resource to undertake Equity Impact Assessment testing this side of Christmas.

Next Steps

  • Penetration testing to be undertaken early in January.
  • Oversee project preparations for implementation and actual deployment.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

No project has been completed this session yet.


Section Five: Programme Meeting Minutes

Date Comments
11 December 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - December 2019
20 November 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - November 2019
4 November 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - October 2019
20 September 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - September 2019
24 August 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - July & August 2019
24 June 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - June 2019
23 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - May 2019
1 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - April 2019
27 March 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - March 2019
28 February 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - February 2019
29 January 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - January 2019
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