Report for March 2020

Report Date
March 2020


Report by Muriel Mewissen on behalf of David Perry and Anthony Davie (MVMRes Programme Managers), for Charles ffrench-Constant and Paul McGuire (MVMRes Programme Owners), Sheila Fraser (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)

  • Institute IT meetings / Service Review meetings.
  • College Research Support Network (RSN) meeting.
  • College Research Committee
  • Excerpts taken into CSG report


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


During March, Disruption from the current Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak impacted all University staff with a widespread transition to work from home. Lower staff availabilty during this period has delayed progress in most projects.

All projects are reporting a GREEN status , except from MVM314: SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling and MVM311: CMVM Data Storage Strategy which are AMBER where staff lacking availability continues to delay closure.

The overall status of the MVMRes programme is GREEN.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Forward Look - March 2020


Section Two: Projects Not Started

No additional project has been identified to start this session.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

 MVM302: Compute and High Performance Compute Strategy - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Anthony Davie *** commentary from January 2020***

Achievements this period

  • CMVM RCG reps invited to poll their communities for feedback on strategy document from 5th Dec '19 to 17th Jan '20 (4-5 weeks)
  • Feedback reviewed and incorporated where applicable.
    • HPC definition added to the strategy document (Jan '20)
  • 1st version of strategy finalised, with document control template added. Strategy document put onto CMVM RCG MS Team, with notification sent to all members ahead of next RCG meeting (23rd Jan '20)
  • CMVM Research IT/Computing Officer support induction, for IS staff re-scheduled to 13th Jan '20. Contribution from:
    • Research Information Management section (Pure, Worktribe etc.)
    • Research Data Services section (Research data management guidance, DMPOnline, DataShare, DataSynch, DataVault, Electronic Lab notebooks etc.)
    • Research Services section (Research service facilitation and provision of infrastructure to underpin various services - Eddie, DataStore, Eleanor etc.)
    • CMVM IS teams (Easter Bush and BioQuarter campuses)
  • CMVM IS teams continuing to invest in enhancement of research support capability within teams (from Jan '20), through:
    • continued partnership working with UoE ISG Research Services
    • secondments within and across CMVM IS teams, to support knowledge transfer and provide hands-on experience
  • CMVM Research Facilitator, UoE ISG Research Services and CMVM IS (BioQuarter) set-up HPC training and engagement opportunities at BioQuarter campus:
  • Issues

  • Possible concern that feedback on strategy paper from Research community via RCG was very limited
  • Next Steps

  • Final sign-off for strategy document (CMVM RCG on 4th Feb '20)
  • Update project website for MVM302 to:
    • publish deliverables
    • create project closure report
  • Close project

MVM305: Flexible Server hosting  - RAG Status: SUSPENDED

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • None, project is currently suspended

Next Steps

  • Status to be reviewed in 2020 Q1.

MVM308: Research computing induction - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Susan Ridder-Patrick

Achievements this period

  • Closure document issued for input


  • MVM focus has been on response to Covid-19 so approval to delivery has been slightly delayed. revised delivery will be discussed at programme meeting.

Next Steps

  • Communicate that the resource is now available
  • Complete project Closure

MVM311: CMVM Data Storage Strategy - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Muriel Mewissen

Achievements this period

  • Closure report drafted. Sponsor is gathering additional information.


Next Steps

  • Finalise  closure report
  • Close Project

MVM314: SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling - RAG Status: AMBER

Report by Colin Watt

Achievements in Last Period

  • PM met with Apps Management Team Manager to cover OLA scope.
  • No progress with the SEBI team due to resource conflicts (PM availability, DevTech / Production), and subsequent impact of Covid-19. 


  • No major issues.
  • Completion of support arrangements and closure delayed due to availability (PM / Production Management for OLA) and DevTech (for TAD updates and handover, impacted by UCU Industrial action and subsequently availability due to Covid-19). PM to pick up on OLA when Deputy Head of Production returns in April.

Next Steps

  • Agree support arrangements for MSSQLServer (OLA).
  • Decommissioning of on-premise Tableau server.
  • Close Project.

MVM316: Fragile X Registry website - RAG Status: GREEN

Report by Kevin Hone

Achievements this Period

  • The project near closure.
  • Medium to low level security risks identified during penetration testing have not been resolved. A meeting was held between Information Security and Head of Production. For all but one of the security risks it was agreed that wider university policies had to be reviewed outside of the project.
  • The one exception was to make a change to reduce the time-out period to that of three hours. The change has since been deployed. 


  • None.

Next Steps

  • The Project Sponsor has shared an IT review from the NHS with the project team and which requires support in a response on compliance. 
  • Project Closure.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

No project has been completed this session yet.


Section Five: Programme Meeting Minutes

Date Comments
27 February 2020 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - February 2020
13 January 2020 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - January 2020
11 December 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - December 2019
20 November 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - November 2019
4 November 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - October 2019
20 September 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - September 2019
24 August 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - July & August 2019
24 June 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - June 2019
23 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - May 2019
1 May 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - April 2019
27 March 2019 Programme Review Monthly Meeting - March 2019
Programme Status
RAG Status
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