This programme provides information on all Research projects managed by MVM for session 23/24.

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) IT Portfolio comprises three area of work: Business Administration, Learning and Teaching, and Research, to implement the CMVM IT strategy, as well as the work to maintain and grow existing services from central IT and within colleges and schools.

In order to start a new in-year project in the Research area, please fill in the following Proposal Template and submit it Anthony Davie.

For cross colleges activities, please see the Cross Colleges Portfolio.

Programme Owner Jennifer Cusiter
Programme Manager Anthony Davie
Project Services Programme Manager Muriel Mewissen


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
October 2023 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
MVM301 College Software as a Servive (SaaS) Pathfinders BLUE May 2018 David Perry Closed Close
MVM302 Compute and High Performance Compute strategy BLUE April 2020 Anthony Davie Closed Close
MVM304 Electronic Lab notebooks BLUE April 2018 David Perry Closed Close
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting GREEN November 2023 Doug Redpath In Progress Initiate
MVM306 Network IT improvements BLUE September 2018 Jens Brincker Closed Close
MVM308 Research Computing Induction BLUE June 2020 Susan Ridder-Patrick Closed Close
MVM310 Information Governance Standards BLUE April 2018 David Perry Closed Close
MVM312 Walled Garden Pathfinder BLUE May 2018 David Perry Closed Close
MVM314 SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling BLUE June 2020 Colin Watt Closed Close
MVM315 REACH BLUE December 2018 Jamie Thin Closed Close


Not available.