Report for August 2015 - draft

Report Date
August 2015

Report compiled by Dawn Nicholls on behalf of Rhian Davies (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Charles Hill (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update




Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


 Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

CSG006 (In-year)

OPAS Migration

Category: Compliance


Milestones to be revised once fix found and estimate is given to fix the issue

Previous milestones were


Deploy to live


Deployment sign off review


Project closure

RAG Status : RED

Report by Chris Konczak for August 2015


Achievements in Last Period

  • Deploy to LIVE



There have been a number of reported issues where people are getting disconnected from the OPAS database. This affects all machines at the same time. This issues existed prior to the upgrade, but the upgrade seems to have magnified the problem as people are getting disconnected more frequently. Step have been taken to isolate the problem, but have been delayed due to other unrelated technical problems at OPAS which prevented the use of the software for a number of days.


Next Steps

  • Isolate and fix disconnection issue.
  • DSOR
  • Closure

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category: Discretionary


TBC with Project Manager

RAG Status : GREEN

Report by Ben Armstrong (on behalf of Rhian Davies) for August 2015

Achievements in Last Period
  • High level requirements gathering meetings held with the learning and development contacts for 8 of the 12 CSG units


  • None noted

Next Steps

  • Sign off Project Brief
  • Complete requirements gathering meetings
    • Provide feedback on initial findings and themes to project sponsor and stakeholders in HR Learning and Development

CSG008 (AP56-045)

RETAIN Enhancements for mass-based substances

Category : Compliance



Target dateTitle
04-Sep-2015End of planning
11-Sep-2015End of foundations stage
23-Oct-2015End of development stage
26-Oct-2015Final go-live
06-Nov-2015End of maintenance

RAG Status : AMBER

Report by Dawn Nicholls for August 2015

Achievements this period

  • Project start-up took place
  • Draft Project Brief circulated for review


  • The current project budget of 100 days is insufficient to fund the 3 x 2-week development iterations that are estimated to be required to deliver the basic requirements.  The project has requested that the 20% contingency be released from the CSG portfolio but as the OPAS Migration project is encountering issues then these funds are needed by that project. 10 days may be able to be made available, at which point the project could return to 'green' status

Next steps

  • Sign-off of planning stage
  • Sign-off of foundations stage
  • Start development iterations




 Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

AP number / project code

Project name

PM name

Category: Discretionary/Compliance/Funded











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