Status report for January 2016

Report Date
January 2016

Report compiled by Dawn Holmes for Charles Hill (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

CSG006 OPAS Migration - project closed this month

CSG007 Learning & Development Requirements for CSG - reported as RED due to extended timelines resulting from additionals actions requested by  Project Sponsor.  Additional cost is being absorbed by the CSG Portfolio in agreement with the Portfolio Manager.

CSG009 RIR Systems Review - reported as AMBER due to additional actions requested by Project Sponsor which are still to be clarified & estimated




Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


 Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category: Discretionary


Target datePrevious dateTitle

RAG Status : RED

Report by Ben Armstrong for January 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Met with supplier of EQMS Training Records Manager system


  • The original project closure date (27th November) has passed but the project will now aim to close by the end of February to complete the actions agreed with the Project Sponsor and the IS Apps CSG Portfolio Manager

Next Steps

  • Collate the likely staff numbers for a pilot of the system based on the licensing information received from the supplier

CSG009 (In-year)

RIR Systems Review

Category: Sponsor Funded


Target dateTitle
15-Jan-2016Final paper delivered
29-Jan-2016Project closure


Report by Dawn Holmes for January 2016

 Achievements this period

  • Additional 3 days funding approved
  • Additional interviews & analysis completed
  • Revised draft review paper issued for rev iew


  • The Project Sponsor has requested additional analysis which needs to be clarified.  This will affect the scope, budget and timescales therefore the project has been reported as AMBER.

Next steps

  •  Confirm additional work and revise timelines & estimate



 Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

CSG008 (AP56-045)

RETAIN Enhancements for mass-based substances

Category : Compliance

Project Manager - Dawn Nicholls

Closure Date - 11/12/2015

Link to completion report


OPAS Migration

Category: Compliance

Project Manager - Chris Konczak

Closure Date - 29/01/2016

Link to completion report










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