Report for February 2016

Report Date
February 2016

Report compiled by Dawn Holmes for Charles Hill (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

An additonal 5 days sponsor funding has been added to hte programme this month to cover additional work requested on CSG007,

CSG007 - reported on AMBER due to revised delivery & closure dates during the reporting period

CSG009 - reported on AMBER due to revised delivery & closure dates during the reporting period





Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


 Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category: Discretionary


Target dateTitle
25-Mar-2016Delivery (of recommendations)

RAG Status : AMBER

Report by Ben Armstrong for February 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Produced a draft costing incorporating projected staff numbers for a pilot of the system and full rollout


  • The project delivery date passed but work is still underway to confirm the recommendations with CSG incorporating the costings; as a result the project sponsor has approved revised dates for project delivery and closure so the project is reporting an Amber status this month as the dates moved back by a month; it will revert to a Green status next month provided there are no further delays.  The project sponsor also approved a 5 day increase in the budget with the new estimate being 35 days.

Next Steps

  • Obtain feedback from CSG on recommendations and confirm implementation approach


CSG009 (In-year)

RIR Systems Review

Category: Sponsor Funded


Target dateTitle
11-Mar-2016Project closure


Report by Dawn Holmes for February 2016

Achievements this period

  • The additional analysis interviews requested by the Project Sponsor have taken place
  • The draft summary paper was updated with an executive summary and recommendations
  • The revised summary paper has been distributed


  • The planned project closure date has been delayed due to resource conflicts for the Project Sponsor's time preventing formal sign-off of deliverables.  The closure date has been moved out by 2 weeks so the project has been place on AMBER.

Next steps

  • Project closure

 Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

CSG008 (AP56-045)

RETAIN Enhancements for mass-based substances

Category : Compliance

Project Manager - Dawn Holmes

Closure Date - 11/12/2015

Link to completion report


OPAS Migration

Category: Compliance

Project Manager - Chris Konczak

Closure Date - 29/01/2016

Link to completion report










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