Report for October 2016 - DRAFT

Report Date
October 2016

Report compiled by Nikki Stuart for Charles Hill (Programme Owner)


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Forward Look to end September 2016


Resources Position to end September 2016



Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary


 Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


Target date Title
16-Sep-2016 Delivery
30-Sep-2016 Closure

RAG Status : RED

Report by Ben Armstrong for October 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Reviewed project plans with Project Sponsor and representative Head of HR for CSG.
  • Completed accessibility testing
  • Commenced writing of contract


  • The project budget has been exceeded, but the project sponsor has approved a 10 day budget increase to cover the additional feasibility and investigation work
  • The project delivery and closure dates have been missed but the project sponsor is aware of the work still required to complete the project, and a revised timeline will be confirmed
  • As a result of the issues noted above, the project is showing as RED this month

Next Steps

  • Complete and sign contract
  • Complete EqIA
  • Arrange kick-off meetings for implementation project
  • Undertake planning work for pilot
  • Explore options and expected cost to integrate with MyEd Events Booking application
  • Close project (with new project to cover implementation)

CSG0010 (In Year)

CSE Replacement Servers

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


08-Nov-2016     Systems Analysis sign-off 
15-Dec-2016 Build sign-off
02-Feb-2017 Acceptance sign-off
22-Feb-2017 Deployment sign-off
17-Mar-2017 Project closure


RAG Status : GREEN


Report by David Watters for October 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Project planning complete
  • Resources assigned & estimates prepared
  • Project brief approved by WIS & stakeholders

Issues and Risks

  • None reported

Next Steps

  • Undertake system analysis on Sport & Exercise infrastructure
  • Discussions with vendors about compatabilities & dates for deployment, etc.




 Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Not available.